need your advice: my purchase from the last Saks' EGC has NOT arrived yet

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  1. I am really freaking out here now.. it's been 3wks now and I still have NOT received my phone order from Saks. I made a few phone calls to the SA whom I've placed my orders from and sent her emails also requesting for the status of my order. She hasn't been replying to any of my emails requesting for the status, but when I called and spoke with her 2days ago.. she said she just got back from vacation (YEAH RIGHT?!) and that she will look into it. I called her back yesterday, she sounded kinda frustated that I had called (or maybe it's just me) and told me that she was checking with their shipping dept and will email me of any info she can get from them. Woke up this morning, checked my email..NO EMAIL whatsoever from her - YET! :s

    I've received the original receipt together with the GC in a separate mail though. I received it within 10days from when the packaged was mailed, assuming it was mailed during the last EGC event - BUT NO package with my Jumbo Glazed Lamsbkin and Sunnies. :crybaby:

    I really feel so stressed out about this...I do not know where my package is.. why it's taking this long to get here. (I have an FPO address and I am literally out of the country, but it shouldn't make any difference because I've ordered from Nordies, NM and other stores before and NEVER had this problem before). :shrugs:

    I feel like this SA is pushing me aside, since I am not there literally to walk to their store and confront them about my order. I feel so helpless and I don't know what to do. I just want to get my package asap (before I give birth next month :s) This was supposed to be my bday pressies for myself (my bday was last 3.10) and I still haven't received my stuff yet.. it really sucks feeling this way. Everyday, I am always waiting for the mail to come in and everytime there is no package from Saks.. I am heartbroken. :crybaby:

    Sorry for the long post.. I guess my question to you ladies is.. has anyone experienced this kind of problem with Saks? What should I do now??? I don't feel that my SA is really trying to get answers for me as to where my package is now. Do they even have tracking info for the package? I know Nordies and NM has it when I place orders with them.
  2. Yes they have tracking info for packages and can look it up on system. I ordered through St.Louis and they had a Saks in Naples send the purse. The St. Louis SA was able to look up tracking info and advised me when it would arrive. She didn't need to check with the shipping department because it was all available at her finger tips and she let me know within a minute. If she's taking that long something got messed up because unless you're overseas it should not take more than a few days. I'm ok when people mess up as long as they fix it immediately and not play "hide the ball," or in this case "hide the purse." My guess is the order was never properly processed and now they're trying to find one.

    Your SA dropped the ball, have her manager handle this matter. IMO, once I pay my item needs to go out at the latest within 2 business days, it's not like my credit card is waiting to accumulate interest or that my money is somehow earning interest in a purse.
  3. Why don't you ask to speak to the store manager, or better yet, the shipping department directly? This question comes up every so often where the OP keeps trying to deal with her incompetent s/a and wastes a lot of time. YOU paid, YOU deserve answers in a timely fashion. Call the store and ask for the shipping department. Tell them you are still waiting for your order to arrive. They can look it up in the system for you.
  4. Sorry for what happened to you. Since SAKS uses Fedex to ship their orders and you can go to to check the shippment status without a tracking number. Go to track shippment status and use tracking by reference function. Enter the recipient last name, and the zip code information. If SAKs ever shipped the package out, you should be able to see it from Fedex website using the reference search. If you are not able to see it, then give Fedex customer service a call, and tell them you do not have tracking number, but know the recipient name and shipping address, Fedex customer should be able to find out whether there is any package shipped to the address.

    If there is no package shipped out at all for you, call SAKS the store customer services and let them help you.
  5. Thank you Ladies for all your suggestions. I will contact the Store Mgr directly then. I didn't want to be too pushy with my SA and I thought that I should give it more time, but this is just too long of a wait for me. I usually receive my packages within 7-10 business days.. max is 14days.

    I should've expected that this Saks BH would have a more hi-techier system for them to check tracking info and such, but this SA told me they have those info in a "special book". :confused1: - and that she doesn't have access to it right away because the shipping dept closes at a certain time (I forgot what time she said they close).

    Again, thanks Ladies for all your helpful insights.. I will let you know what I find out when I speak with the Mgr.
  6. this is very irritating situation especially when you are so pregnant. contact the store manager and make the issue a big one.
  7. That's terrible. Definitely talk to the manager. Is this "your" SA or someone you just happened to get that day?
  8. Hi Ladies... I just got off the phone with the CS Dept. I inquired about the status of the package. The CS Rep I spoke with upon, I guess checking the system, mentioned something like "was this an item being located for you?" and I said, "NO. The items I ordered were supposedly on the SA's hand already, it was available in your store at the time I purchased it.". With this said, I got the feeling that MAYBE this SA sold the bag to someone else thinking she was going to get another shipment of the bag soon - but then again, I am not sure if this is true.. I an just assuming that this might've happened.

    So anyway, this CS Rep asked who my SA was - so I gave him my SA's name and he put me on hold (I guess he contacted my SA). I was on hold for a good 7-8mins. The CS Rep went back on line with me, told me that my SA is working on tracking down the package and since their Shipping Dept is already closed for the day - and the weekend at that, she will check with them on Monday. I told this CS Rep that my SA told me yesterday when I spoke with her that she was going email me with ANY info she can get, whether or not there is PROGRESS in her "searching", that is why I contacted CS Dept directly instead of her, my SA, because I feel like I am not getting anything from her. The CS Rep apologized and told me that I should be getting an update by Monday with the whereabouts/status of my package.

    Saks used USPS with sending my package because I have a different address, FPO/Military Address. FedEx doesn't ship to addresses like mine, that's what they say. So I insisted for the Tracking #, but the CS Rep told me he doesn't have access to the info because the dept who handles it is already closed for the day. I'm really getting pissed off about this situation I have with this Saks.

    There is nothing else I can do for now, but wait until Monday. If I do not get any mails by then, I will definitely give them a call again.

    I am sooo glad I haven't ordered my Timeless Accordion with this particular SA yet. I sooo wanted to order it already a week after I placed my order for the Jumbo Glazed Flap and Sunnies. Good thing I held off because I wanted to make sure I receive my 1st order with this SA first because making any transactions with her again. This is definitely a lesson learned from me. Stop being waaay to friendly/nice with someone, in this case - an SA, whom you have not met nor haven't had transactions ever before until you are satisfied with the outcome of your 1st transaction.

    Again, thank you ladies for your suggestions.. this is my 1st time phone ordering with Saks and I never knew it will be this complicated. :sad:
  9. r u overseas???or in the USA?

  10. I was searching for this bag via online chat and the online CSR was able to locate the bag for me in this particular Saks Branch. I asked the online CSR to have it on hold for me before I make the call to that branch (as I am overseas). So this SA "just happened" to have answered the phone and got a hold of the "last one" they have of that bag in their store. So no, this is not my SA.

    This is will be my 1st and last transaction with her. She was so responsive with my emails prior to this issue and when I emailed her about this particular situation.. she never replied at all. I guess 'coz she got her commission already out of all the sales she got during the last EGC (one of those transactions included mine, of course. :crybaby:)

  11. Hi Jill~

    I am literally overseas, but my address is a US Address. FPO/Military Addresses are considered US addresses. Incoming USPS Priority Mails/Express Mails usually takes 7-10 business days only.

    My orders from Nordies and NM doesn't take this long to arrive to me, that is why I am wondering why my order from Saks hasn't come in yet.
  12. Dude...Id be on the phone with the GENERAL MANAGER of the store ASAP.

    Once SAKS in NYC forgot to mail my bags out...I found out the number of the manager and she not only refunded me 30% of the price..but also had the package overnighted immediately.Call the store and ask for the manager tomorrow..DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!

  13. I tried to call the Store Mgr earlier and all I got was his v/m so I just called back and spoke with a CSR instead. I figured, the Mrg was prolly gone for the day.

    So how did you find out that Saks NYC forgot to mail yous bags out? Did they tell you? Because with this Saks branch I am dealing with, they didn't say that they forgot to mail my bag.. Maybe they're hiding that fact from me, I'm not sure.

    Should I call them back tomorrow and bug them about this again? I was already told earlier over the phone that they will give me an update on Monday. The CSR told me that there is nothing they can do right now as it's the weekend and the dept who handles their shipments is closed on weekends. :confused1:
  14. I know it is hard being patient, but the general manager probably won't be in the store Sunday anyway. I suggest you call him on Monday and let him know how unhappy you are with the service. It should not have taken that long for the SA to get you the tracking info. I had a question re: an order once and the SA e-mailed me the tracking info within a few hours.

    Good luck getting this resolved. I think the manager should do something special for you. I hope he does.
  15. Why don't you go to the Fedex website as a previous person suggested in her reply and follow the instructions to search for your shipment? This way, you won't have to wait until Monday.