need your advice: my purchase from the last Saks' EGC has NOT arrived yet

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  1. I am really freaking out here now.. it's been 3wks now and I still have NOT received my phone order from Saks. I made a few phone calls to the SA whom I've placed my orders from and sent her emails also requesting for the status of my order. She hasn't been replying to any of my emails requesting for the status, but when I called and spoke with her 2days ago.. she said she just got back from vacation (YEAH RIGHT?!) and that she will look into it. I called her back yesterday, she sounded kinda frustated that I had called (or maybe it's just me) and told me that she was checking with their shipping dept and will email me of any info she can get from them. Woke up this morning, checked my email..NO EMAIL whatsoever from her - YET! :s

    I've received the original receipt together with the GC in a separate mail though. I received it within 10days from when the packaged was mailed, assuming it was mailed during the last EGC event - BUT NO package with my Jumbo Glazed Lamsbkin and Sunnies. :crybaby:

    I really feel so stressed out about this...I do not know where my package is.. why it's taking this long to get her. (I have an FPO address and I am literally out of the country, but it shouldn't make any difference because I've ordered from Nordies, NM and other stores before and NEVER had this problem before). :shrugs:
  2. to the MODs, kindly close this thread please. I must've hit enter while typing my post... sorry about that.