Need your advice, LV wallet experts!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just bought a Mono Canvas Insolite Wallet (rouge) & although I find it pretty spacious, I still want to get something else to stash more papers in my purse...
    I'm thinking I don't want too much bulk...but I need more organized functionality to use WITH my Insolite wallet.

    Currently all that I am carrying in my bag is my Insolite Wallet, a tiny pocket journal, keys & makeup.

    *Would it be ridiculous to also use a Porte Valeur Organizer WITH my Insolite Wallet or no?

    *Or would it be ridiculous to use a Brazza wallet WITH my Insolite wallet?

    Attached is what I am mainly considering pairing together: my Insolite Wallet AND a Porte Valeur Organizer.
    Plus I like the fact that the Porte Valeur is less expensive than the Brazza. Also, do I really need two wallets with zippered compartments?
    I'm thinking Porte Valeur might be good enough?? :confused1:

    Any thoughts? Yay or Nay?? :shrugs:

    TIA! :heart:

    Attached Files:

  2. My recommendation is a zippy wallet. Not as big as the organizer, but holds lots of stuff.
  3. ^thanks ETenebris (^_^), but i think the zippy wallet would be really bulky paired together with my insolite wallet, you think? unless you mean the zippy coin? but i wanted something long like the porte valeurs or the brazza length...
  4. If you need another wallet there's nothing ridiculous about it!

    I have both, the Porte Valeur Organizer and the Brazza, and I like Porte Valeurs better, it's slimmer and holds a lot too!
    I like the Brazza too, but it might get really BIG, it has a lot of space and a zipper pocket, and you're already carrying another big wallet they might take a lot of space...
    I'd get the Insolite + Porte Valeurs combo
  5. i saw the zippy works better as the brazza may be a bit much
  6. Maybe a Pocket Agenda??? You can use it as an extra wallet by not purchasing the pages for it. It's similar to the Brazza and Porte Valeurs; it only has 3 CC slots and no coin case. It should work fine if all you're storing is papers. The price is right too--only $225.
  7. +1
    I forgot about that, it's very similar to the Porte Valeurs, and much cheaper...
  8. ^^I agree w/ euroaddict and I have a red Epi pocket agenda that I use as a wallet!! Good luck w/ your decision.
  9. Hmmmm personally I think using TWO wallets at the same time is going a bit overboard, but thats just me.
  10. I think agenda would work well.I agree with the other poster's something in Vernis !!!!!
  12. I would also choose a zipper one
  13. I'd go with an agenda! I'm not trying to complicate things! LOL But that's what I use my agenda for. I store receipts in it and extra cc's that I don't use a lot (store cards).

    Good luck deciding!
  14. aww thank you everyone for your replies! there were a lot of great suggestions!! i never even thought of the pocket agenda, and the price is definitely better!
    i have a mono agenda MM but only like to bring it w/me for work days..
    i'm now deciding between the porte valeur, brazza & now the pocket agenda to stash coupons, rewards cards, loose receipts i may need, etc.
    most likely will do porte valeur OR pocket agenda now..
    also,, thank you for your input on how big the brazza can get-i didn't realize that, so that might be overkill together with my insolite wallet. my insolite wallet is already realllllly thick & heavy because of the coins.

    thanks so much everyone, you're the best! :hugs:
  15. Thanks Natalie1885!
    You're welcome ;)
    Good luck on your choice