Need your advice ladies...

  1. Hi Balenciaga girls!:smile:
    First time here and I already love this place! Greetings to everyone.:tup:
    I’m from Italy. I don’t speak English very well :sweatdrop:, sorry, but I try it!;)
    I need your advice please :smile:
    This B-bag is my Birthday present from my friends...I'm not sure if I should keep it or not...:confused1:
    So my ultimate question is "should I keep this bag?" What do you ladies think about this b-bag?
    Many thanks in advice!:kiss:

  2. For me, personally, that style is the antithesis of what I like about Balenciaga motorcycle bags (I like soft, slouchy, non-structured bags) ... so I would say take it back and get a motorcycle style instead! ;)

    But it all depends upon how YOU feel about it. Do you like it?
  3. I agree with fiat. I only like the motorcycle line of balanciaga bags, but it really depends if the design of the bag you received is fine with you. Anyways, Happy birthday and you are so lucky to have friends that care enough to gift you with a beautiful bag.
  4. What great friends you have! That's a really nice and generous present.

    As the other posters have said, it really depends on what you like and your personal style -- would this more structured bag and the colors fit with your usual look? I have a mix of structured and more slouchy bags, and I like them both. The structured ones are great for a work look, especially if I'm in a suit or have a business dinner or something like that. I think that the non-motorcycle bags are not as instantly recognizable as Balenciaga, if that's important to you.
  5. Happy Birthday and welcome to TPF - I have to admit I'm new to BBags and so far prefer the motorcycle line too.
  6. If you're not completely happy with it, exchange it for something you'll really love. Your friends will understand! And Happy B-Day!!!
  7. Welcome to the Balenciaga Forum! First I will say your English is fantastic! I only speak one language, and I would be lost on a forum that wasn't in English, so good for you!
    You definitely have very nice friends, and if you love the bag and it suits your style, then keep it. But if it is just not you, and you won't use it as it should be used, trade it for something else. And if that is the case, I am sure your very sweet friends will understand. I would like to suggest looking through the thread linked below. It is photos of gals wearing their Bbags, so you can see what you might like for yourself. Happy Birthday!
  8. Thanks all for your help and advice!! Really appreciate! :yes:
  9. What an incredible bag! It is very unusual and distinctive! If you love it, be proud of it.