Need your advice...helppp

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  1. Hi,

    I purchased my maxi in Paris and took the tax refund in CDG airport in Cash.
    the travelex official took my receipt with tax refund form, I realized when I went back home (I live in Qatar now), she didn't gave my receipt back. I need my receipt for personal proof. What should I do now? Hellpppp anyone???

  2. Try calling Paris and see if they can send you a new one. You name is on the receipt, right?
  3. I'm not sure my name on the receipt:sad:
    I have the other receipt from chanel, but only one receipt taken (for maxi only)
    Should I call the chanel boutique or the travelex?
    Thank you
  4. You can try to calling travelex first. If that doesn't work try the Chanel store. Is there any special reason you need the receipt?
  5. I need the receipt just for my personal proof:smile: as I did to all my purchased before.
    And also, Im still not sure to keep my maxi because I want Jumbo so much.
    but no jumbo stock available in Paris at this moment:sad:
    Thanks bunch Mediana:smile: