Need your advice, Coco Cabas VS Birkin.

  1. I'm very confused between getting Chanel Coco Cabas or Birkin:crybaby:. Cause in next 3 months my mom she will get a 35 white Birkin. Should I save money by not chosing Chanel and get Birkin or should I get Chanel. Which one is more interesting? Please help...:sad:
  2. Birkin, all the way!
  3. Thanks asa:smile:
  4. sakara...nice little picture in your post!
  5. birkin!!!!!!!!!
  6. Birkin all the way you will never regret it where as maybe the cabas is a little to now and in a year or so will be dated....?
  7. You are definately in the wrong place if you think we will convince you to buy the Coco Cabas!!! BIRKIN all the way, baby!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. i want a cabas too.. but in this scenario, i vote for a birkin..
  9. ^^I have to vote for a BIRKIN too, though I'm a Chanel fan as well....

    My friend bought the bag, used it for 1 month, and some stitching came out from the bottom. She has it back from the repairs, I haven't looked at it yet, but I think I would be VERY picky and tell her to return it for another bag.
  10. all for one!!!!!!!!!!
    birkin of course... I like Chanel but the coco cabas did not interest me at all!
  11. I love Chanel too! But I will have to say BIRKIN!!! What color and size are you looking to get?
  12. BIRKIN!!!:wlae:
  13. definite birkin
  14. I would have to say birkin on this one. Over 2 months ago my chanel SA put me on the list for a khaki baby cabas. I never heard from him and have since started saving and selling bags for a birkin purchase. Well, out of the blue I came home last night and there was a huge box from Saks with my cabas in it. I wanted to like it but my heart is just on hermes now. Plus I can honestly say it didn't look great on me. Needless to say...its going back.

    IMHO I think a birkin or any hermes for that matter is a lifetime investment. Don't get me wrong I love chanel but not all of their bags are a lifetime investment...some are more trendy than others. I like the cabas and it has an edgey flair to it but it is completely different than a birkin. To me (and it's only my opinion) it is more of a fun bag. I'm not sure if I could see myself carrying it 5 years down the road....I would want chanel's latest bag then. Comparing the two are almost like comparing apples to oranges. They both serve a different purpose....heck! Get both!!!:graucho: