Need Your Advice.......asap!!

  1. I just sold 6 bags on eBay. One of which was a beautiful Miu Miu Bandoliera bag. I always send the authenticity and care cards as well as a copy of the original receipts for my handbags. No exceptions on any of them. Well, this buyer says that she did not find either the care or authenticity card with the bag I sent to her. She is very nice, but I have checked everywhere and cannot find the cards. I am normally very, very good about sending the cards along with the bags, but considering that I just sold 6 bags within the same time frame, I am now wondering if I sent it along with another bag or simply misplaced it??? Should I take her word for it and offer to refund her some $ compensation or what?? I don't have a clue as to what to do??? I am at a loss here and am open to any suggestions??? Please help asap. I need to let her know something by tomorrow and I don't want to be unfair to her. She is happy with the bag but would like the cards that I showed pictures of in the listing (I don't blame her). What do you all think??? :shrugs:
  2. Eeeek. You might want to contact the other buyers to see if maybe perhaps you placed two cards/two copies of receipts in THEIR package.

    Just be totally honest with your buyer. She should understand that you are human! Let her know that you are doing your absolute best to locate those items. She is happy with the bag. That's the most important part.

    If you can't locate those items, maybe consider offering a reasonable (but small) partial refund?? Just a gesture of earnest.
  3. I bought the bag for $1445 and she bought it from me for $843, so how much do you think I should offer her?? The bag was in mint condition. :shrugs:
  4. You should first try your other buyers, of course. When it comes down to it, if you cannot locate those items, I think that a good gesture would be to start by offering like $50.00 for the trouble... If she scoffs at that (which I doubt she would, she already snagged a FABULOUS deal, AND she has said she is happy with the bag, no question of authenticity), then you could go with what's comfortable for you.

    It's really your call, but I've been in your spot in a similar situation and had it resolved very smoothly with a seller-offered (NOT buyer-demanded) partial refund.
  5. Thanks Sarah, I will tell her the truth and offer her a $50 refund. I hope that she will be understanding. I think that I will also offer to take the bag back if she does not find that amount agreeable. Do you think that is reasonable?
  6. Absolutely! You are a fantastic seller. I bet she won't want to send it back!:rochard:
  7. If I were your buyer, I'd be super happy with what you are willing to offer! But before the monetary offer I'd first try to find out if you mistakenly sent the papers to one of your other buyers. Also, check your place again tomorrow morning. Sometimes after a good night's sleep I am better able to find things that have been misplaced as I am under less stress.
  8. Have you asked the buyer to double check inside the pockets or in the package (stuff does get shifted around in a box). For authenticity cards I think between $10 to $20 or a refund the shipping cost. You can probably get a copy of the receipt from a merchant if you needed that.
  9. Yeah, the dollar amount isn't important, I think that if it comes down to you offering... make sure that you offered first before the buyer got it in her head to ask for it. It's the little details that will keep your feedback glowing.

    Best of luck in finding the card and receipt!
  10. I did ask her to double check the inside zippered pocket (where I always place the cards) and she said that they weren't in there. She did receive a copy of the receipt from BG, just the cards were missing. I can send her a care card from one of my other Miu Miu bags (they are all the same), but I can't send her another authenticity card for this style,color bag. Maybe I should simply ask her what she would feel is fair? What do you think? :confused1:
  11. Like I mentioned, put your offer out there first. $20.00 for just the card does seem fair. She will be thrilled you offered. I hope!
  12. Will do!! :okay:Thank you soooo much!! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!!
  13. I can't say I would offer anything for the missing card, you sent the receipt and that has far more value than the card
  14. My concern is that I listed that the cards would come with the bag and I showed a picture of them as well. I actually feel bad because I know that the cards would be important to me as well. :sad:
  15. The card may be less important to your buyer than to you. I agree that offering a $20 refund is a nice good will gesture. Everybody makes mistakes so don't be so hard on yourself. Do let us know what happens.