Need your advice about color. Thanks!

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  1. Hi I bought a med/large classic flap in Saks, in color beige. I already have a black east/west, so I picked beige (the only color they have then). I would like to hear some advices. SA sold me that I can exchange the beige one for another color. If I exchange, would black be a good idea (my east west already black), or what other color would you recommend? Thanks!
  2. I think beige is a perfect neutral color so if your okay with the color I would keep it since you already have the black east/west.
  3. Thanks Michele! Beige should go with most colors and is ok in summer. I saw so many bright colors here and got second thought I guess. Thanks!
  4. I would keep the beige. I just received one today also. I think it is more difficult to find than black. NM is completely sold out of the beige in med & jumbo. It is a great summer color.
  5. i would keep the beige as well. it's a great neutral color to have in your collection.
  6. I agree that beigeis a great color, it is trans-seasonal also and a great neutral.
  7. I would keep the beige. Black is great, but since you already have one... you should change it up, especially since you're open to color. Anyhow, I think the beige is a great neutral, and can be used year round. Keep it! ;)
  8. Thanks everyone! I will keep the beige.
    Next time will go some bright color
  9. I love beige bags. They are so pretty and elegant. Keep it.
  10. i would keep the beige.
  11. I love beige. It's such a classic Chanel color. Actually I feel that a beige flap would complete my Chanel family. Congrats and post pics! :tup:
  12. Thanks everyone! Let me try to post pictures during the weekend.
    I do have to exchange for another Beige because a little flaw on the side. It is sold out so I have to wait.
  13. beige is a perfect neutral. keep it!
  14. Beige is good (it is a neutral colour, 1 of the 2 Chanel classic colours for the classic flap, easy to match and oh-so-feminine .......almost like white or cream) since you already have black.
  15. Thanks again...
    I saw some pictures of white classic, now I am also wondering, how about white?
    White vs Beige, what do you think? Thanks!!!