need you opinion

  1. hi there...

    I need your opinion...
    Planning to buy my mother her birthday present...
    She's 52yo, about 5'1, 110lbs (yes, she's a small lady).
    Definitely will get the Damier Speedy (either 25 or 30 - not sure about the size yet).
    But for the second bag - I am debating between the red Epi Madeleine OR the Monogram Popincourt.
    What do you think would suit a petite middle age lady better?

    I was thinking of getting her a matching wallet with the speedy - but for an extra $100, I could've got her a second bag which seems like a better idea to me...or is it?

    I can't really ask her - since she will say no to this kind of gift (if you read my intro post, you'll know what I mean).

    BTW - this will be her first LV...

  2. Popincourt gets my vote.
  3. I think it'd be great to get her a Speedy with a wallet!
  4. I'm a 50 year old mom. I vote for the wallet with the bag - simply because she would never buy the wallet herself and would love it so much! With the Damier Speedy, the Damier pochette wallet or the Koala are both really pretty depending on what size wallet she uses. Also, the Pomme Vernis in the Pochette would be gorgeous in that bag. As far as size of the speedy, what size bag does your mom usually use? If she is so tiny and likes small bags, the 25 is probably fine. I have a 30 in monogram (and a 25 in mono), but in the Damier I have a 25. Sometimes I wish I had the 30 in Damier, except that everytime I actually look at the Damier 30 in the store, there's something about the checkerboard print I don't like so big and with a lot of sag like I do my monogram.

    You're a sweet daughter! Before you consider the Popincourt, you may want to make sure though that's a bag your mom likes. To me, this bag is very young looking. At 50, I wouldn't wear it. I still love the idea of a wallet to go with her bag.
  5. I am 58 (yikes!!!), 5ft 3 and have the mono 30, which i find is a good size. As we get older ( do not laugh children) we carrry more things in our bags, e.g. reading glasses, etc
    I would get her a second bag, but think the popincourt is too young looking.
  6. Thanks charleston-mom for the input...
    a matching wallet would look great...but I need to find a wallet that can carry lots of cards. The last time I went home on vacation, I bought her the that big Burberry (tote??? it's that big square bag that can carry 2 or perhaps even 3 laptops) bag with a matching wallet which she loves. She wears the bag a lot but not so the wallet.

    I'm a bit reluctant to buy her wallets since she alway use this Aigner wallet that I got her years ago (from delivering pizza in my college days) because that wallet can hold something like 14 or 16 cards.

    Perhaps a speedy, a wallet, and a card holder combo? What do you think? Maybe the reason she's rarely using any other wallets is because it's impractical to move those cards from one wallet to another. So perhaps a card holder will solve this issue? That Monogram 7-card holder with the pivoting plastic pockets looks kinda nice.
    25 or 30 - well, I'm stopping in Singapore on my coming vacation next month; so I'll have to ask the SA of my mom's size to hold both bags to help me visualize...

    Popincourt - looking at the picture again, I think you're right. That would look better on my girlfriend (yes, I'm a son, not a daughter ;))...but I still have 5 months before her b'day, so lots of time for me to try to make some senses out of her

  7. good point - my dad usually swears that my mom is carrying the whole closet in her bag :p; and I tend to agree with him.
    But I am a bit cautious about bigger speedy since I think they may look like gym-bag if carried by a small person (please don't kill me for saying this :sweatdrop:)

    a second bag??? and what would you recommend that would suit her?
  8. Hmmm...I'd go with a wallet so she can use both things simultaneously (I know, the wallet prices are SO painful) and then 2nd choice would be the popincourt because every LV virgin needs the classic Monogram! LOL
  9. I know there are wallets that carry quite a few cards, the Eugenie for example holds many cards.

    I got my mom (she is 60) a Tivoli PM and a PTI wallet for Christmas this year and she loves having a complete set. She said she feels so put together carrying the wallet and the bag. I would go for a bag and wallet combo.
  10. I carry a PTI wallet. I can carry lots of cards in the slots, but the huge section in the middle which I don't use for change can hold about 20 extra cards, so it's just perfect! It's a great wallet if you need to carry a lot. I put my main cards that I use in the slots and then everything else goes in the huge snapped section in the middle, and it still doesn't get too thick. It's a classic monogram, pretty wallet that holds a tremendous amount. The blue tiffany pen fits in it beautifully too. I think it runs a little over $500.00. She probably would love it. I actually like it better than the Eugenie. It's not as heavy, is more classic, fits more if you use the center section, and doesn't have a clasp to get scratched.

    She might like the mono or damier 30 speedy bag too, even if she is tiny. Especially if she wants to carry a paperback, umbrella and water bottle along with everything else.

    You're a wonderful son!
  11. i'd go with the first one... the red epi madeleine
  12. I would go with a wallet. You may consider the Pochette Wallet. It holds 10cc. BTW, it's so sweet of you to research all of this for her. I wish when I am her age, my son would get me an LV.
  13. What a great present for your mom!
    I'm 5ft3 and have a damier speedy 30 and I would never consider a speedy 25 as I like to be able to carry an umbrella, sunglasses, sometimes a bottle of water etc in my bag. So if your mom carries a lot, get the 30. I think everybody looks great with it.
    For your second present, I would choose the wallet, so she will have a LV set to carry. I love the Pochette Wallet and the Zippy, both classic shapes and very easy to use. The PTI is also very nice.
    Your idea of the extra card holder is great too!
    Good luck and keep us posted
  14. I'm a Mom and if one of my kids were to give me my first LV, I would definitely prefer to get a matching wallet with the bag. If you go with the 30 then I suggest any of the longer wallets (PTI, Pochette, Zippy) ~ as they can hold lots of cc and receipts. If you decide to get the 25, then I'd get either the alexandra or koala wallet to match ~ they can hold lots of cc's as well (and even have a clear pocket for ID or photo).
  15. for the kind suggestions...
    will give you the update in a month when I could go back home for vacation...