need you opinion: keepall MONO or AZUR


need your opinion: keepall MONO or AZUR

  1. keepall monogram

  2. keepall azur

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  1. I am planning to buy a keepall 50 or 55 but I can't decide Monogram or Azur. I love both!

    I always put my luggage on the ground so monogram is better than azur but mono is not comfortable at some know?

    I'm going to England soon. England is ok both.
    Usually I go to Mexico, UK and Japan.
    maybe Russia and South Africa in the future.

    :Good point:
    mono - don't have to worry about get dirt
    - keep long long time

    azur - not too loud
    - some people don't know it's LV so I'm comfortable.

    :Bad point:
    mono - I'm not comfortable at some places.
    - too much LV?

    azur - on the ground at airport and cabin??? dirty?

    I need your opinion!! help!
  2. if not mono, how about regular Damier?? it's dark also and not logo'd out with LV's.

    BTW, I picked up the Alexandra wallet today and I love it! I'm so glad I saw yours! Thanks for providing all those pics!
  3. I'd rather get mono
  4. Mono Keepall.

    The ineffable class of the Monogram Canvas blows me away, especially in the Keepall style.

    Im still killing for fine. Im shooting for a Graffiti 50 (White) and another Mono one in 50 for use on planes (to be stored in the over-head cabin)

    Good Luck Girlie!
  5. I would go for the mono.
  6. mono keepall - THE classic louis vuitton piece. i agree w/sophia - something about it just exudes class like no other luggage piece.
  7. I like the Damier Azur, simply because I am getting a damier keepall this spring, so call me biased !!
  8. Mono, let me help you decide...
    Close up 2.JPG close up.JPG
  9. I think for a keepall I would go with the monogram! It is classic!

    But on the other hand... if you are worried about dirt, then what about the regular damier?
  10. I am in the minority here but I adore the how subtle the Azur is, plus it is a fresh change from Mono.
  11. Mono! You won't have to worry about it getting dirty so much.
  12. Mono!
  13. Azur gets my vote.
  14. Mono!
  15. I appreciate everyone's voice!! I am adding damier!

    mono, azur or damier!!

    mmmmm hard to decide! I have 30 days left!!!! think think......

    from HONOLULU - via vegas -GATWICK