Need you help LV lovers!

  1. I would love to hear your opinions...I think I want to exchange my Denim Neo speedy in green for a Baggy GM in green ,like Jill's. I think I need a hands-free bag. What do you guys think? I still have the Neo in pink that way?:wacko: Woke me up in my sleep last night, so ridiculous...Time to exchange is running short!
  2. I think you should do the exchange so you have 2 different bags in 2 different colors from the same line - how cool is that?
  3. i vote for the exchange! more variety! :biggrin: love the line!
  4. exchange! you won't get bored of them as fast
  5. I would definitely get a baggy instead of a neo, since you do still have the pink and the original blue !
  6. Exchange it! You still have two Neos!!!
  7. Exchange it!!! I think the baggy looks better in green and the neo looks better in pink anyways!!! go Star go!!!
  8. Im all for the different style~!! I think if I get the green I will get a different style as well. That is the kind of thing that would wake me up in the night as well....too funny!! I want to see if you can go in and simply exchange it Star...I have a feeling you might see something else you need as well...I will be waiting for the pics.
  9. I have the blue denim baggy and I love, love, love it. I like that its hands free.
  10. Exchange
  11. I would exchange it... especially when you have summer coming along and the sweat from the arm may darken or dirty the handles. The Baggy GM looks cute, and it's very functional. Hands free so you can carry a cold drink and shop at the same time.
  12. Well, I think I got a pretty GREAT confirmation that I was not totally nuts for obsessing over the bags!Yes, I will Definately exchange now! Such good advice...I will tire of 2 the same more easily and I do have the denim(almost forgot I had the denim Neo during my mini obsession over this:lol: ) Thanks so very much ladies!....Sunshine, I better not!:lol:
  13. Aww - you decided before I answered. :sad:

    ;) j/k. Doesn't really matter anyway - I was going to say the exchange. Lol!
  14. I was going to vote for an exchange too ... I have the baggy gm and it is a great casual bag:biggrin:
  15. Exchange it !