Need wisdom teeth advice--getting mine out on Tuesday!!

  1. Hi guys!

    So I am getting two of my four wisdom teeth out this upcoming Tuesday on the 4th...I'm not super super scared about it or anything, but with any dental visit I am a little nervous.

    All four of my wisdom teeth are out--the top two are fine and I'm getting the bottom two removed. The one on the left is half out, straight up, and the one on the right is half out, at an angle towards my other teeth so I figured if I don't get those two pulled out it could crook my now perfectly aligned teeth.

    I'm not getting knocked out or breathing laughing gas during the operation. I'm only getting my mouth frozen and I will be wide awake for the entire procedure :wtf: It makes me feel a little uneasy, but laughing gas is TOO expensive and the dentist said if I want to get knocked out I should get all four removed instead (which I don't want yet).

    So, any advice on how to prepare myself before the operation and how to take care of myself after?

    Also, please share your experiences with your wisdom teeth removal--did it hurt during the process (I hope not!)? Did it hurt a lot after the anaesthics wore off?

    Did you bleed lots? Did it feel like there was a gigantic hole in your gums and for how long (until it healed itself)?

    Were you sore for many days? Swollen? How long did these symptoms last?

    What kinds of foods did you eat while you were recovering and how many days did it take until you could eat "normal food" again? Did you lose weight during this time?

    Did the dentist damage your other teeth in the process? How were your wisdom teeth removed?

    I'm hoping for people who have/had a similar situation as I do...just getting two removed, only having local anaesthetics. Both my sister and boyfriend have had theirs removed awhile back, and from my sister it wasn't that bad but from my boyfriend he said he was sleeping for 90% time after his operation because it hurt so much.

    Please share!!
  2. I got my wisdom teeth removed, all four at the same time.

    (My brother did the "remove two now and then remove two at the next appointment." I preferred doing it my way because I don't think I'd like going through that, knowing I have to go back again.)

    I think they did that thing where I was awake but I wouldn't feel anything, but unfortunately, I discovered I was one of a hundred people who have a complete opposite reaction to what they gave me (I COMPLETELY flipped out). It got to the point where they took me out of it and kept giving me novocaine until the procedure was done. At various points, they had to tell me to stop apologizing.

    I remember keeping a hunk of gauze in my mouth to stop the bleeding. After awhile, the bleeding stopped and I didn't worry about it. I was still groggy when I left the dentist's and my voice was high pitched and my speech was slurred.

    I was a little bruised and swollen, but I was directed to do a combination of heat and ice. (I think it was heat it for a couple of days and then ice it for a couple days or it was the other way around but I do remember having an ice pack for a couple days and then having a heating pad for a couple of days.)

    I ate a lot of soft foods and my vicodin was crushed up and mixed into the foods. There was a lot of pudding, yogurt and Jell-O. (Don't mix in the crushed up vicodin with Jell-O, though. That's disgusting. Your best bet would be mixing it with pudding.) I was allowed ice cream, but I think they told me avoid anything hot.

    I had to go back to the dentist and have them remove the stitches.

    I don't actually remember how long it took me to go back to eating regular food, but I would imagine you shouldn't even attempt it until after they remove your stitches. They'll give you literature on everything either before or after the entire procedure.
  3. I had all 4 of mine done about 4 years ago. I refused to get knocked out because I heard there are terrible side effects, plus the idea freaks me out. So I got local anesthetic and it was totally fine. I got up and walked out when the procedure was done, my parents drove me home and I was totally fine. The dentist gave me some T3s or something to take in case of pain but I didn't really have any - just a dull ache for the first night. I didn't get any bad swelling, just a small bruise that showed up on my cheek a few days later. I even went out the next night, that's how fine it was. As for food, I think that I was eating solids within 3-4 days.
  4. I got all 4 of mine removed 2 years ago. They were all partially impacted so my gums had to be cut open. I was very nervous the day I went in...I was even crying. I asked for laughing gas but they told me I could handle it without. They gave me 8 novocaine shots all over my mouth. The only thing I felt was tugging. The worst part was hearing the cracking of my teeth since they had to take them out in pieces. When it was over I felt stupid because I made a big deal over nothing! Afterwards they gave me vicodin but I didn't need them. I didn't feel enough pain to take them. The area was a little sore & I had gauze in my mouth for a day but that's it. I couldn't eat normal food for 1 week because of the way I had to be stitched (I couldn't open my mouth very far). Once the stitches fell out (about 1 week), I was back to normal. To sum it all up, I made a big deal over nothing. I felt no pain at all. I suffer from migraines & I'd rather go thru getting my wisdom teeth taken out instead of getting a migraine! You'll be fine...just don't think about it too much because you'll get all worked up like I did.
  5. The worst part about mine was jaw soreness from having it sooo far open for sooo long. The next day I had swelling, no bruising though. Soup for a couple of days and T3's. Back to almost normal with in a week and at work the next day. There were "holes" and I rinsed with salt water to help prevent dry socket. I don't remember any stitches and didn't need to go back for any follow up.
  6. I must say... make sure your dentist is good at this procedure. Here's my sister's and my experience with this (we went to the same doctor who specialized in oral surgery, for both of us the teeth were under the gum):

    Sisters experience - She had 4 and chose to get all 4 removed with local anesthesia so she was awake and they gave her shots (I dont remember if she used laughing gas). She came home in pain and it was a little difficult for her but she said it hurt.

    My experience- I only had 2 and I dont remember the exact #'s but I think it was $400 more to have general anesthesia (to be put to sleep) and my mother strongly recommended against it because she said it's unhealthy and people feel really sick afterwards. I didn't care, I saw what my sister went through and I chose it anyways. Believe me.... the $400 is SO WORTH IT!! If I could rate my experience and comfort level, I would give it 100%. I didn't feel a thing. I went in, the put something on my finger (to monitor my heartrate), I asked them what it was for and before I heard their answer I was out cold. I woke up wondering when they were going to start but they had already finished and I have gauze in my mouth. I went home, baked cookies, went to sit outside and fell asleep outside then woke up 3 hours later. It was wonderful! I didn't feel anynegative after effects of being put to sleep. Surgery is serious stuff (as minor as mine was) but my expereince made it seem a breeze (minus the impact on the wallet). I don't recall feeling any major pain, I had minimal bleeding and was fine. The stitches dissolved so I didn't even need to go back in to have them removed. 100%!!!

    I know its expensive to have general anesthesia but I strongly recommend it. It would be worth it to spend that money once and take all 4 out. Thinking back, the money couldve bought me an LV bag, but believe me, I'd rahter have had that experience than have an LV (as much as I love LV).

    During that time I ate the crust of apple pie, soup, boiled carrots so they are smushy, boiled rice soup, tons of mashed potatoes. After a few days you can eat banana.
  7. I put off getting anything done to my wisdoms for years. It came to a point where I had to do something and I got all four removed and I was put under and I highly recommend it. When I woke up I did not realize how much time has elapsed. I had gauze in my mouth and I was sent home with meds. My teeth were impacted so they had to break the teeth up. Not much bleeding. Soft foods for a few days and that was it. I wish I had got it taken care of years ago. I thought about doing bottoms only but I was told they can do 2 at a time but they have to be on the same side. If you are going to everntually get the other two pulled do the four now. If you are OK with a general instead of a local go for it. Best of luck!
  8. Hi Karman,

    Before your appt I would suggest taking panadol or something to calm you. During the op you will probably get needles etc so it's best if you are calm.

    The dentist will most likely pack your mouth with cotton balls or swabs or something and you will be told to go home and rest after (it will depend on you how you feel straight after - I was a little tired, but fine).

    I would suggest not to use straws after because the sucking can cause blood clots to loosen. I didnt swell at all, just bled for a long time and then got dry roots (I think there is a more technical name for it). I had to keep going back to the dentist to repack it and eventually had to go on antibiotics to help it heal.

    I ate normal food about 4 days after - but was still so careful. I didnt really lose any weight - not that i can recall.

    I got two removed also and my dentist told me that the dentist normally does a better job when the patient is only under a local asaesthetic as they are more responsive etc. No damaged to other teeth no.

    I wasnt game to go near the space with my tongue for about a week and it did feel like massive parts of my jaw was missing. However, after about a month it will heal and will feel normal again.

    Honestly it's not that bad - but do be careful not to eat cornchips of anything afterwards - ouch!
  9. I had my bottom 2 removed 2 years ago, the top 2 never came in (hooray)
    my dentist sent me to an oral surgeon since my mouth is small and the teeth
    were very small as well. I had twilight anesthesia; I had never had any type
    of anesthesia before and was a little freaked out about it. It was great, no
    side affects at all. I went home and just relaxed, didn't even need to take a
    pain pill. I was so worried for nothing! I had virtually no swelling. You might want to consider getting all 4 out at once and being done with it.
    Let us know how it all turns out and good luck!
  10. All mine were removed about 7 years ago.. it was sucky to say the least. I woke up and felt them grinding away. As well I got dry socket in NYC (where my family lives) and my mom hung up on my dentist as she didn't know who was calling (to extend a! ) Anyhow -if you can avoid it.. .don't do it.
  11. Ahh... no fun!!
    I had all four of mine taken out at the same time. I go to sedation dentistry. They basically give you a very high dose of valium to put you out. You are still able to respond when they tell you to do things, but you don't remember a thing about the procedure. It was nice not remembering. But once I got home, it was not so lovely. The ones that were easy to get out were pretty much pain-free. But, I had one that he had to cut the gums and stitch it up... it bled a lot. And it ached a lot. Not trying to scare you :sad:. They gave me vicodin, but I can't take that. Soo, I tried anyway, and it caused me to throw up which was even worse for the pain. I kept gauze in my mouth and bit on it to help stop the bleeding. I lived on Icees, smooshed up popsicles, and mashed potatoes for about 2 1/2 weeks. But afer that, I finally felt better. I got sudden aches sometimes for about a month and the hole closed up around that time too. BUTTTT... to look on the bright side. My husband got his taken out a couple weeks after me. He was only in pain for a couple of days... he had no stitches. So if you have an easy removal, your recovery should be a lot better! I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!
  12. I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time. I was knocked out after counting backwards from 100 (I think I got to 95 and I was out like a light!). When I woke up, the procedure was done and I was actually in another room (don't know how they moved me!).

    Cheeks were swollen for several days but I went to the mall the next day so I must have been feeling ok to go shopping!

    The oral surgeon will give you instructions for care after the procedure, but make sure that someone takes you to the dental office and drives you home since you won't be able to drive because of the drugs. I scheduled my procedure for a Friday, so that I had the weekend to recover. I felt better on Monday, but I decided to call in sick at work with the excuse that I was recovering from the oral surgery. (I was bad!!!)

    The one thing that the dental office forgot to give me when I left was a small plastic tube/syringe which was used to flush water into the holes where the teeth were located so that you can remove food particles easily. They forgot to give me the tube, so it was difficult to get the food stuff out until my co-worker mentioned the tube and I went back to the dental office to get it! Very annoying!!! Be careful to flush all particles out of the holes because you can get dry rot if the flesh inside your mouth heals up and covers any leftover food particles that weren't flushed away by the syringe/tube. (This happened to another co-worker's husband!)

    Good luck!! Hope you have a fast recovery! (Best part was eating lots of ice cream and pudding!!!)
  13. My answers are in the quote ;)
  14. Well, I think my top two are okay, at least there's no rush to get them out, it seems like there's enough room for them to grow out as regular molars.

    The bottom's partially impacted so I'm assuming I'll have to have my gums cut and the tooth smashed :wtf: EEK!! I don't want to really see that!!! Yikessss

    Thanks for all the replies!! Most posts made me feel better but the last couple especially "if you can avoid it don't do it" made me a little uneasy :s (unfortunately I'm sure things will be much worse if I don't get them removed)

    I definitely DON'T want a dry socket...that sounds disgusting and painful...eek :wtf: *shivers*

    Well...I have three more "Care free" days...then the fourth 3 pm it's off to the dentist I go!!!!! (I was referred to this dentist for the extraction...he's a General Surgeon or whatever, so I hope that's ok...not a wisdom teeth specialist)
  15. It's best not to stress - these people do this for a living so you've got to trust them to know what they are doing. Make sure you ask lots of questions so you know what applies to you. Good luck!