need watchhh

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  1. lookin to get a watch for my 21st and cant decide

    here are the choicess chanel j12 black with diamond indexes

    cartier pashaa c

    zenith baby doll with the open star in the middlee

    help me choosee something thats cute for casual and dressy:confused1: :heart: :s
  2. Get something that will look great 10 years from today!
    Not too trendy. something classic. I say Cartier!
  3. i dont think anyone likes Rado on here.....
    i have a Rado, it has sapphire on the bands.. LOVE it.... my BF has a matching one but full tungsten steel...
  4. i say go for cartier! it's timeless and classic, you will nvr go wrong with it.
  5. Cartier, It's claasic.
  6. Not to introduce a different brand, but back in the dark ages my dh gave me a Jaeger LeCoultre in exchange for me birthing our first child, and I've worn it and loved it every day since. Take a look at their line, you won't regret it.

  7. Get the J12, its soooo gorgeous! Its the watch I'd buy if I had the money!
  8. Hot; if I'm going to get another watch I want a 2005 (because the snow 'florale' on this looks better current geometric pattern 'florale) Jaeger Reverso Florale with Art Deco numbers.

    You can get a normal Reverso for the price of the Pasha 35mm...

    But sticking to the choices, Pasha 35mm all the way because it's the only one that is a classic. J12 is NOT!
  9. i really like the idea of a round dial but i have been looking at the cartier tortue with diamonds also..i love the j12 but since its black i dont know if it will match with everything where as a silver watch would!! what should i doo
  10. I'd go for the J12 :love:
  11. pasha!, or a tank =]
  12. Cartier got some nice models and swatches are cute too...
    You can have a look at this watch that I found on a forum-Watch this friends
    Its very pretty and very dainty!!!I like dainty things.
    :idea:Or you can surf for mroe shops where they sell watches with precious stones. try any of these two sites-iSearchLink-Jewelry or TheTechVision-Jewelry
    They have a lot of links to lots of shops and I am sure you'll find something that you'll like.:sweatdrop:
  13. Definitely Cartier. I collect watches and the j12 is trendy and won't hold its value as well.
  14. i think the j12 is sooo fun, but the cartier is probably more practical
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