Need watch advice, please

  1. I am not a jewelry type of gal, and we don't have much extra to spend on any, either. So I'm not sure why I recently became obsessed with finding a watch. :p I never wear them! Maybe I will, though? lol. Anyway, I found this one watch on eBay that I think is so unique and fun, but I don't know if it'd be laughed at by more fashionable people??:roflmfao: I live in a small town and nobody here really wears designer or expensive items, and I'm still young, but...yeah I'm really not sure what to think! Please let me know what you think!:tup: or :tdown:? I'm not expecting it to be something I'll love for forever, but for awhile at least, maybe? (eBay item number 300161467264.) Thanks so much ladies!

  2. I like it. It's kind of funky.
  3. If you like it, get it. What fashionable person is going to laugh at it? It has the look of a tourbillon, which is favorite among some watch collectors.
  4. Thanks! I think I'll probably get it. :smile: I guess I didn't think someone might laugh at it so much as think it was juvenile...glad to hear there are other watches that have a similar look! I'm learning more and more each day. :idea:
  5. I like it a lot, and for $45, you can't go wrong!
  6. nice funky watch,not too much cash,you can change the strap for a different look, yep its 'ticking' plenty of boxes!!! Get it and enjoy!!!