Need/Want :P a few new bags... Opinions

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  1. Just found out that the Damier Neverfull will not be released now until early 2009 in both ebene and azur.

    So-now that I am not waiting anymore...I want to shop before the next price increase!

    Ok-I already have a mono speedy 25 and am using it as my everyday bag. It is a bit small, but I don't carry a lot. However, I'd like to add a shoulder bag and speedy 30 in a different canvas to my collection. Some diversity :smile:

    So...I am lusting still over the BV. I want a damier fix too but cannot decide over the Damier Speedy 30 in ebene or azur. I would buy the saleya, but I think it looks a lot like the Long Champ bag (unless someone convinces me otherwise :P) Plus I want to stick with classic styles.

    Is the BV a good choice? I don't like the BH (too wide). What speedy 30 (azur or ebene). Does the azur get really dirty/have a lot of color transfer? And is the 30 too big in azur?

    For reference, I am 5'2 and 1/2 and I'm 117lbs and a size 0-if this helps at all.

    So many questions, but you all have great advice!

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I prefer azur speedy 30... I love mine....
  3. I think BV will fits you best for your size. (I wish I am 117lb!!)
  4. aww thanks-you are too sweet! i teach aerobics so that helps :smile:
  5. the speedy in azur 30 sounds good!
    I also like the BV a lot!
  6. I am in the same boat.. I either want something Damier ebene or Vernis, but def want a shoulder bag. (I have a speedy 30 in Mono already)

    I was thinking the Vernis Bellevue GM in Pomme or Amarante. But I am not sure of the shape and if the patent leather thing would be "too much" for me, I have to go check it out IRL. If I can't find something I like might just put my LV love on hold for now and buy a michael kors tote until the Damier Neverfull comes out next year.... I am devastated by this news. :sad:

    I am scared of Damier Azur pieces b/c they are so light colored so I would vote for the speedy 30 damier ebene for you.
  7. You can't go wrong with either the damier azure or ebene. The azure is a spring and summer bag so if you want a year round bag I would say get the ebene.
  8. i def agree with this
  9. I don't like the shape of the bellevue. It is just not appealing to me. I do like the Amarante color :smile:

    I wanted the neverfull in damier ebene...but I just cannot wait. top it all off my mono speedy 25 handle has a crack and is peeling after only 3 weeks :sad:
  10. I am a little uncertain about the Bellevue shape also so i want to see it IRL b/4 I make my decision. I am not a fan of the look of longchamp bags, but the LV is a different material so I will have to see.
  11. I like the BV ... don't have it but definitely on my "want" list.

    As for the Damier Speedy ~ I have both Ebene and Azur ... love the Ebene more ~ it's my go anywhere/all-weather LV bag!
  12. the berkley's nice :smile:
  13. how about Azur Hampstead...i want one myself in pm size..
  14. The prices went up on the speedy's. Just checked eluxury and the mono ones went up a good deal already.

    Anyone else see any raised prices?

  15. I bought mine at the raised prices about a month ago :sad: