Need wallet advice. LV Denim Baggy GM-

  1. I just bought this beautiful LV Denim bag. :yahoo: (pic from E-Luxury)

    The bag is MUCH cuter in person. I just LOVE it!
    My only problem is I can't find a wallet I like to match it. Any ideas??
  2. how about something in framboise vernis?
  3. maybe one of the Koala wallets, to match the hardware :P?
  4. oh it's soo beautiful!!!
  5. I just use my Mono wallet and accessories with all my bags, including my Denim Baggy PM. :yes:
  6. Red or framboise vernis
    White mc pti
    Mandarin or red Epi PTI/ or organizer with id.

  7. ITA. My friend bought the Baggy GM and a Framboise zippy wallet to go with it.
  8. I gave up matching my bags to the wallet LONG AGO..LMAO.....Its too difficult..I have the green Baggy GM..I just use whatever wallet I feel like..There is NO matching THAT color!!!!
  9. I have the green Baggy GM also, and I use my Monoram Koala Wallet and accessories with it. Is that OK? It was the easiest thing I could come up with...
  10. Another vote for the mono Koala, or something yummy in Vernis.
  11. how about a black epi pti
  12. i have the green baggy and i just use my monogram wallet. i think that monogram matches anything!
  13. A Monogram Canvas wallet (any style) or framboise Vernis would match your new bag. :idea:
  14. white MC pti, goes with everything ! :yes:
  15. I agree..a PTI (either monogram or MC) would go great!