Need Vert D' Eau City!

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  1. Hello ladies, can anyone tell me where i might be able to order one? Please PM me thank you!
  2. Aloharag
  3. So i e-mailed them yesterday... and they still haven't responded yet... does it usually take this long?
  4. Usually they're pretty quick w/ replies.. perhaps they're really busy? I emailed them 2 days ago inquiring about a bag and still haven't heard from them either.
  5. wow... i see~ hmm i guess i'll just have to wait. Thank you for telling me :smile:
  6. So.. I just called Aloha Rag right now.. and I purchased it!!! I can't wait! I feel kind of guilty for buying such a $$$$ bag, but I've waited VERY long (ever since MKA started it) and i think its time.
  7. Congrats Fashio1sta. Please post pics when you get it.

  8. congrats! VD is such a summery colour. can't wait to see modelling pics!
  9. Thank you! I will definately post up pictures once i get it :yes: (and i need to thank a few people ... since i was very LOST and I was running all over the web asking too many questions.

    Also, for Baby K.... I think you should just try calling them. The process was a lot faster, and a woman named SEIKO was very nice!
  10. VD is amazingggg it was my first Bal, and I love her very very very much. such a gorgeous color too, congrats! she'll be perfect for spring and summer!
  11. Oh, isn't Seiko darling? If only AR had a wider selection of bags, I would get all my bags from her. :smile:
  12. Yes, she is! I'm just glad that the one i wanted was available :P. It's also very nice to have tax+shipping taken out plus the 3% membership discount helped as well!
  13. Congrats on finding one! I got my Vert D'eau City from Aloha Rag and it was FABULOUS. Really nice leather, plus fast shipping! Congratulations! :tup:
  14. congrats! can't wait to see pics!

    BTW sorry to hijack the thread, but has anyone seen an Vert D'Eau Day anywhere?? I'm still kicking myself for not jumping the gun on AFF day that they had....:Push: