Need user's opinion on new Miss Dior with Sliding Chain

Jun 4, 2006
Hi all, I'm not sure if I should call myself a Dior newbie since I used to own two dior bags like a decade ago when monogram was so in. Anyhow, I'm currently considering to get the new Miss Dior with the sliding chain in black (partly thanks to Jennifer Lawrence with her beautiful printed ad, lol). And I'd like to get some feedback from those who own and use this bag. How's the bag holding up after using it for awhile? And is the lambskin and the light pink interior hard to take care of? I have a kindergartener so babying a handbag is not my priority, lol!

I did a search on this forum and see many negative comments about the new design. Sounds like most dior bag lovers prefer the old, boxier Miss Dior. I actually tried out both bags at the Dior boutique this past weekend. While I do see that the older version is more luxurious and classy looking, I must say that the new version seems to be a better choice for me:

1) Comfort and functionality is as important to me as the look when it comes to my bag. The older version is heavy! I also like how the new version is wider (or deeper I mean), has more room (which I totally need for my stuff). And the sliding chain makes the bag more versatile since it can be carried different ways. I'm petite, and in the past when I tried carry chanel flaps crossbody I always found the chain being too long and the bag hanging way too low. Surprisingly, this bag hangs so well on my frame cross body, long on one shoulder, or double chain on shoulder!

2) The new version doesn't look as formal and dressy as the older version IMO, thus I feel that I can actually dress up or down with the newer version.

3) And the price difference. I was actually surprised as I thought the new version would cost as much (or more) as the old version!

4) Some commenters said they don't like the rounder shape of the new version. But I actually think that's a good thing coz the shape of the old version just looks too similar to the Chanel flap. I feel that this shape makes the bag look younger and more unique in its own way. I also am not a fan with the strap on the older version, to me it doesn't have a clean look.

Anyhow, I'd appreciate any feedback from those ladies who own and use this bag. And yes, the Samantha Barks' picture makes me want it even more, lol!

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Feb 19, 2014
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yes this miss dior is very versatile, although I dont own one, but ive tried it, the chains are much lighter n can slide n its deeper so ur wallet wont fall out when u pull other stuff out.
the shape looks younger n casual yet fun not too boxy.
I do like the bottom part being bigger.
the downside for me its the zipper behind which kinda spoils the finest of dior's workmanship, but who care its a beautiful bag.
this miss dior will come in the new pre autumn toxic purple
as well as the tribal earings to match it. stunning!

get a tribal earings in toxic purple to go with it. stunning!
Jun 4, 2006
I do agree with you on the zipper, that's the only complaint I'd have with the new version, only coz I know I won't use that pocket yet it does make the bag look cheaper. But yes, all in all it's a beautiful bag!
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Jan 22, 2014
I have the "old" Miss Dior, I use it as an everyday bag too. I personally love the new shape as well, so try on both and see which one would suit your style. I didn't mention your "lifestyle" because IMO I think this is a great everyday bag and holds all the essentials needed included my fat miss dior wallet. Keep us posted!


Nov 22, 2006
I do agree with you on the zipper, that's the only complaint I'd have with the new version, only coz I know I won't use that pocket yet it does make the bag look cheaper. But yes, all in all it's a beautiful bag!
I agree. The bag is very nice except for that zipper with the large guard around it on the back. Makes the bag look cheap.