need urgently a practical bag

  1. Lovely Ladies,

    i got a great job, and i have to travel quite much with it!
    So now my question:
    i would need a bag:
    in which i can put a medium-size agenda,2 mobilephones,make-up case,some small notebook,keys etc...
    should be able to close for safety
    should look good for lunch and dinner (no time to go home and change)
    should look good with black suit
    should be comfy to carry around the whole day!

    Please,please advise me on which model,leather,colour should i choose!!!!

    Many thanks!
  2. Do you need larger than a bolide 31? How about a plume 32? Omnibus?
  3. What about one of the 30cm Garden Party totes in veau swift? The black would be a great work/travel bag!
  4. How about a Plume 32?
  5. Love the idea of a Plume 32, Missmarbella. Nice clean lines, zip top, very stylish in an understated way. In Chamonix it would be beautiful and can easily go from the office to dinner.
  6. Or, if they make Plumes in Chevre, THAT would make for a stunning bag.....
  7. I vote for a 31cm Bolide or a 32cm Plume. Very easy to get in/out of.
  8. Plume 32 sounds great!!!!
    Does it actually fits over the shoulder?
    What color would you choose?
  9. Addicted has one in chevre I believe too!
  10. It fits over the shoulder but it was not designed to do so.

    I would pick black or raisin box ;)
  11. I also would vote for a plume or bolide, they are simple and very practical, and quite stylish!
  12. Missmarbella, don't you already have that GORGEOUS Gold Bolide 31 in the reference thread? Wouldn't this work perfectly as a practical bag for day into evening? I'm also asking because this exact bag is numero uno on my list and if it truly would not work for those reasons, I'd love to know why before I buy mine. Thanks!!
  13. Plume 32 could go over the shoulder but it would be a bit ackward because of it's boxy shape.....Black or Cognac Chevre would be amazing IMO.
  14. What about a Trim?
  15. Greentea:yes,i have the 31 bolide,but it feels so small...
    i think i would be more familiar with a boxy shape of plume for work/dinner
    Hello:yes,the trim is on my wishlist:smile: although for all my stuff i need the size 38cm and i dont know how does it work for lunch/dinners
    i will see one this week!
    The plume 32 sounds great!i would like the box,but a bit afraid it will be sensitive for rain/snow at winter.
    i need a bag which i dont have to baby....