Need urgente help with Balenciaga!! Girliess!!

  1. Ok, so my dad is in Paris and I'm going to ask him for a Bbag... now, I'm NO expert like you guys, so I have a few questions for you.
    What colors will my dad find in Paris?? I mean, will he only find the Summer 2007 collection? Which colors are they??

    My second question is: CITY OR WORK??? Ughhh... such a HUGE doubt! I want a BIG bag, but at the same time, I'm 5'1, so I'm REALLY confused. Is there a big difference in size between the two? Do anyone have photos where I can compare those sizes???

    Thanks girlies!!
  2. hi!
    i don't know what colour your dad'll found in paris :p

    please check the colours of balenciaga in this blog :

    i vote for work, adn u can found the size in that blog i gave you.

    g luck :yes:
  3. hello,
    I live in Paris and i bought recently a "bleu glacier" first in Printemps Store. They have many choice, more than Balenciaga Boutique !
    I Found : Bleu Glacier, Anthracite, naturel, aquamarine, white, vert d'eau, vert gazon. this is the SS07 collection. But it depend on the stock. The bags are sold quickly !
    They also got another colors of past collection. I asked about Green, and they had sapin, emerald, and also bleu india.
    Your dad should ask what color they have, because theydon't exposed the old color.

    The city is perfect for a day use, you can put magazine,all your personal stuff and do shopping with.
    you can also put it on your shoulder. For me, it's the best !!!
    The Work is bigger (you can put a city inside easely !) and i use it when i go outside with my baby (everything to take care of him, games, my own stuff... and it's not full yet !). But it's difficult to put it on your shoulder.
    Take a look to my picture, my work is red and my city is ink.
    I hope that it's helps you !!!
    photo 006.jpg
  4. it may be best to call the stores and ask what colors they have ahead of time so you can tell your dad specifically what to go buy. if not, he (like most men) will be very confused and buy anything!
  5. ^^^Now that would be tragic, wouldn't it?

    Imagine Dad coming home and saying "too many choices, so I didn't get one"? I could SO see my Dad doing that.

    Give him a list!
  6. I vote for the City size. I think it's more versitile and so pretty.

    Nice Dad!! :yes::yes::yes:

    My Dad went to Switzerland and brought us back a half a wheel of chesse :wtf: :nuts: (to be fair it was awesome gruyere)

  7. I vote city also, and I would not only call ahead to the stores, but have them hold the one you want and give your Dad specific address and phone #'s of the store so that all he has to do is pay for it. Good luck, post pics when your new treasure arrives.
  8. Personally I think the city would be the perfect size for your frame.
  9. You should get the blue glacier..its so cute!
    i am 5'8" and i still think the city is a good size.
    so i think you will be fine with the city.
    unless you really like big bag.