Need Urgent Help to Decide on Chanel Classic Flap Bag!!!

  1. This is my first tims posting, so please bear with me... Thanks ;)
    I really need to hear some Chanel experts' opinion before I can decide which bag to get...
    I came across this beautiful dark silver metallic crushed patent leather (which I do not know the name of it, see the 2nd picture) recently and I am truly in love with it.
    As far as I know, this kind of leather is available in the medium classic flap bag and the east/west flap bag.
    I am on the list for the east/west which should be coming in any day from now, but I also have the medium classic on hold for me until Sunday. I need to make a decision on which one to get, and I would :heart:love love love to hear your opinion.
    The practicality of the bag is not a big concern because I feel that both bags fit about the same amount of stuff inside. I just want to know which one do you think looks better on me...I'm 5'3", and the picture with the white east/west is just to show the proportion since they haven't got the metallic one in stock yet.
    Thanks a lot in advance!!!
    p.s. Today I saw a gold medium classic flap (see attached photo) at the Chanel boutique in Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island. For some odd reason it still has the old price tag of $1750 (I think all the medium lambskin has increased to $2150 already). Just in case if anyone here is interested. :wlae:
    Resize of 07061518270100.jpg Resize of 07061518274300.jpg Resize of 07061518343700.jpg Resize of 07061518351400.jpg
  2. I think picture 2 is stunning!

    That said, whatever choice you make, make sure that YOU are truly happy with it. We all have our opinions, but you will be the one who has to carry it (and shell out the cash!)
  3. I saw the dark silver one in real life. It is REALLY gorgeous. I was staring at it for the longest time. But to me, it's an evening bag. If that's what you're looking for..go for the dark silver.

    For an everyday bag, I LOVE the white e/w with new chain. Very chic. This one looks much better with what you're wearing in the pics. White really pops and the size seems to suit your frame a BIT more.
  4. Medium Classic Flap
  5. I think they are both very nice - as it has been said before you are the one who must love your choice - not us. But I don't think you could go wrong either way...Good luck in picking one ...if all else fails, flip a coin....Just use a double headed wooden nickel and call heads so you can buy both...hehehe.
  6. In my opinion...I saw the flap in the second pic irl recently. Honestly, it did appeal to me for a while, but I thought to myself that this might be one of those that I will get tired of. So, btw the 2 choices there, I will definitely go for either the E/W flap or the classic med flap. But again...u are the one who will wear it, so buy the ones that u like the most. Good luck!
  7. I like the first one.
  8. I think you should follow your heart!;)both sizes look fine on you!I like more the dark metallic-it's limited edition I think - you can always get a classic one in the future!
    keep us posted on you decision!:smile:
  9. I will go for the dark silver if I were you. It is such a beauty and moreover, it is a limited edition, I supposed. I don' think they will release again after the season.

    BTW, may I know the contact number and SA that you used. I am drooling over the gold classic flap. Thanks!!
  10. i've seen both irl, and the dark silver is quite special. i say go for the dark silver in the e/w, if and only if the e/w has the double chain. otherwise i'd stick to the med.
  11. Get the crushed silver's so very different looking. I would not consider it an evening bag, I'd use it everyday. To me that bag looks different, special.......I really like it a lot!!!!
  12. Thanks a lot for all your valueable opinions. I've finally made up my mind! woohoo!
    I am going to get the east/west in the dark silver metallic!
    Now I just have to wait for it to come in patiently...I'm so excited! :nuts:
  13. The dark silver is so unique and standout... I love bags like that, and would wear it whenever, and wherever. :smile: I can't wait to see pictures the e/w when you receive it! If I didn't have a dark silver reissue, I would consider getting the new dark silver flap. :smile: Wow, I paid the $2150 for the matte gold flap, no fair haha... someone should snap that bag up... it's even more beautiful IRL!
  14. I like the e/w better.
  15. ppsam, sorry I missed your question about the SA at Neiman earlier...
    Her name is Vonne...very nice lady, and surprisingly she has lots of Chanel bags that I don't even see in the Chanel Boutiques at South Coast (either they hide it or the bags are sold out even before they hit the floor).
    Vonne's number 949.759.1900 x2141
    Since I decided to go with the crushed silver east/west, the crushed silver medium is now availabe. She just put it back on display this morning. So if anyone is interested, grab it before it's gond! FYI, it's $2495 + tax.
    I will post pictures when the E/W comes in!
    Btw, the purse forum rocks! :tup: