Need URGENT help spending money on new Bag!

Hello bag lovers,

I am new to this forum. I am 26 and just out of college, so yet to develop of steady income, yet this Christmas my boyfriend answered my pleas for a designer bag by buying me a sale Gucci BB Hobo with horsebit embossed wine red leather and bamboo and gold hardware. He also purchased the matching check wallet. The total was $920. I then noticed a chip in the bamboo and when I approached Gucci about it they offered me the oppurtunity to exchange the bag for another bag, the same bag, or get store credit. I could, I imagine, even sell the store credit on ebay and buy an entirely different bag. I have always dreamed of owning a designer bag, and I want it to be a wise choice that I will carry at least for a few years until I get on my financial feet.

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Would you keep the same back, and exchange it for one that is not broken, get Gucci credit and invest in another bag from this season, or hold onto the credit? Or would you sell the credit (for a little loss) and get something else, probably paying maybe $300-$1000 more? (i.e. a Fendi bag?)

I personally like ladylike looks, and am not such a big fan of slouchy distressed leather bags, like the paddington. I want even a stranger who knows nothing about handbags to look at it and claim that it is beautiful.

I put the bag I got for Christmas on ebay just to see if it gets any bids. The link is:

Hi, its me again, the girl with the red Gucci Bag.

I wanted to add that I emailed the woman or man who runs BagSnob. She responded, "Thank your boyfriend for the genearous gift but you should definitely return the Gucci bag. The embossed horsebit is very bad. Get a store credit and
wait for the new stuff to come in. Try to stay away from bags that haveprints, adornments and horse insignia." and "Here you are getting a run of the mill and let me be brutal here, sorry, but an ugly horsebit bag and spending a grand for it!!!! The bamboo thing was over 5 years ago, the only people buying this still are in Asia and Australia who are notorious for being a decade behind."

Do you agree?
Also, if you don't agree, and you do like it, do you like the color? Thanks again!


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Jan 15, 2006
I'd probably honor my boyfriend's choice and exchange the bag for an identical model. But about mid-year, I'd start pointing out bags that were closer to my taste with the hope I still had the same boyfriend next Christmas.


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Oct 18, 2005
i'd get a different gucci bag. they have a lot to choose from and i like gucci in general. selling your store credit can be tricky because a lot of stores don't allow transfer of their credit from one person to another (i know fendi doesn't, per Noriko's experience). because of that, the person that buys the credit on ebay might have to actually acompany you to the store and have you buy them the bag with your credit.

you might want to take a look at their medium horsebit hobos:


they also do a large for about $1500. they're both subtle and stylish :smile:
coco-nut said:
I'd probably honor my boyfriend's choice and exchange the bag for an identical model. But about mid-year, I'd start pointing out bags that were closer to my taste with the hope I still had the same boyfriend next Christmas.

Oh, he views that purchase as a once in several years sort of thing. He wants to shut me up about handbags. I talk about having one too much. This purchase should make me really happy, otherwise I should exchange it.

I like how the red leather is an accent color when I wear neutral tones, white and black, however it may not work with other colors.

I am confused as to why the one PurseSnob woman I emailed disliked it SO much, and called both the horsebit and bamboo so out of date.

The last thing I want is to carry an out of date ugly bag!

Maybe I should store the Gucci credit and by something else to appease myself now? Or do you guys like it?


Jan 7, 2006
I think the bag is beautiful, however I am in a similar situation in that I (husband, that is) can really only afford one nice bag a year or every couple of years. So.... I would choose something timeless and elegant - maybe something Chanel? I'm sure some of the ladies here might back me up on that. I hear the Chanel 2.55 reissue is gorgeous, if not all sold out. If bf is anything like my hubby, he'd rather see you in something you absolutely love and carry often. Good luck!!


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Jan 7, 2006
murasaki said:
Hmmm.... I think you should get store credit and get a different bag if you can't sell the bag. If it were me, I'd probably only end up wearing it a few times. (link is above).

Thanks for the continued help. I am reading every response. However, do you think you would only wear it a few times because of the color, style or both? And if I could manage to get something other than Gucci, by selling the bag etc, what should I buy...Dior, Fendi? Or does anyone have a favorite Gucci style if I can't sell?