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Should I buy the Louis Vuitton XXL Mahina at £1800?

  1. Get the Mahina XXL at £1800?

  2. Get other cheaper items such as the GM Tulum in monogram £730?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have waitlisted for the XXl in gris & it will be available very soon. I am seriously having second thoughts about the price it is 1800GBP.
    What should i do?
    The bag is stunning but huge money and how practical? For me it sure has a wow factor & is a gorgeous bag but is the price justified or should I get several items for this. It would be very easily scuffed i think I would always be watching it & also will I get fed up with toting around this huge bag? I would need to use it a lot to get the value.

    I am seriously liking the GM Tulum in mono at the minute. saw someone wearing it on holidays & I was hooked!
    What do you think of it?

    For anyone not familiar with the Mahina you can see the bag in my avatar!
    the XXL is absolutely huge!
    Please help.
  2. I'm currently debating getting the Mahina XL in black. I would love a huge slouchy bag. But the price is steep! If you are not sure about it, then I say don't get it.
  3. You can buy Mahina bag in smaller size. It cost 1,480 GBP. And the rest of your leftover money, you can use towards the other bag. This way you'll have two of them.
  4. ^^^ Yes!

    And also, like Dee said.. if you're not sure about it, don't buy!
  5. yea, I say get the smaller size. It's gorgeous even if the price is outrageous!
  6. Thanks but my heart lies with the XXL if I am going to get one at all :sad: Just after hols I really cannot afford either :sad:

    If anyone is lusting after the XXl & cant get it then let me know I will give you the details of where I have listed & that will make up my mind for me LOL
  7. I have one XXL on hold for me. Can not decide about the size: XL or XXL (I'm 6.1)?
  8. The Mahina XXL bag is absolutely gorgeous IRL. I saw this bag last week and just drooled, but holy moley, this bag is ginormous!! Probably would look fantastic on a tall person, but for me it looked ridiculous --- bad for me, good for my wallet. LOL.

    I would worry about the lighter gris color, though, getting color transfers and such--- but that is just me because I wear mostly jeans as a SAHM.

    Good luck in your decision. Lovely bag, but doesn't seem as practical and usable as say, a Tulum GM. But it sure is gorgeous!!!
  9. i dont really like the tulum so i voted for the mahina!
  10. my vote goes to no, it is huge so there is no way you can avoid dirt on this one it'll bump into things etc. plus wasn't colour a problem with riveting.
  11. I think this is a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS handbag - a sure to stop 'em on the street stunner. If you love it, get it. It's FABULOUS. If I could figure out a way to make my money breed faster I would have it in my hands right now.:drool:
  12. Oh the confusion, I know it is a drop dead gorgeous handbag but I am also swaying very much with labels post about the risk of dirt & maybe colour transferance
  13. I always say go with your gut. You are questioning it...don't get it. That simple.
  14. Yes get the XXL it is AMAZING!!! I am 5'6" & it looked great on me!
  15. Have you seen "Mahina" in black?