need ur opinion

  1. Looking at the Gustto parina (large) I have to admit im very new to this forum....or any one for that matter. trying to figure out how to post a picture or a link and having a little trouble. If anyone knows this bag let me know. If u have any advice on my computer incapabilities...would love advice!:s
  2. I think this is it:
  3. I LOVE that bag! there was a sample sale last Tues and Wed for this exact Gustto Parina bag (in NYC), and I'm still bummed out that i missed it! they were selling it for less than $300. I asked about when the sample sale is coming back, and he said maybe end of this month, so I'm crossing my fingers!
  4. that's a pretty bag :yes:
  5. Thats it!!!! Thanks GR8heart!
  6. No problem! It is a gorgeous bag!!! I love both colors. Thanks for posting! And I hope you get it! :yes: