need ur opinion...

  1. I have a green perfo cles which I love but I also just ordered the gucci cles beige signature with dark brown trim... I can only keep me one. I am a bigger lv fan but I do love my gucci bag...oh yeah yeah the beige cles last one in the country...HELP please
  2. Oh ~ I am sorry ...I am absolutely no help...are you sure you can't keep both?;)
  3. both...
  4. I love Gucci too, but I will say keep the perfo. It is just so fun and it will become sought-after piece :yes:
  5. Keep both :smile:

    I would say to keep the beige one since it's the last one being sold..but I do love my LV!!!
  6. I love my LV... but if it's the last one then the Gucci might be right and beige will match more than a green perfo...
    Ah hard choice, good luck!
  7. Aw thanks guys!! I would love to keep both but I don't know if I can!! Hehe ahh!!
  8. I'd keep the LV one. I'm not a huge fan of Gucci and I think LV is classier...JMO though. And plus, the perfo is more unique and colourful :smile:
  9. Keep the LV!
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