Need ur opinion. With or W/O belt ??

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    Hi all,
    Need you opinion on this dress I got just yesterday.:P
    Shd I wear it alone or with a belt. What do you think ???

    I think the belt is a lil chunky , need a simple one.

  2. I like Number 2 best :smile:
  3. with belt
  4. I'd belt it. adds a lot of shape. (but then again I have a belt problem and belt waaayyy to much stuff)

    you could do a thinner belt if u don't want to take too much attention away from the dress maybe?
  5. I like 3 it looks more elegant than 2.
  6. I like it both ways-- wear it with belt sometimes and without others to change it up.
  7. #1 looks shapeless, and you have a gorgeous figure so you really should show it off.
    #2 looks nice, but casual... I think that look would look cute with a cropped denim jacket
    #3 looks more dressy

    I think the belt is too big. I'd go with something more understated, like natmk28 said.

  8. i think 3 looks the best. i think a thinner belt would also work very well.
  9. I like #1 and #3 the best - I would like #2 if the belt was a bit thinner, not patent, and simpler.

    I think you should wear it all 3 ways depending on occasion.

    You are obviously gorgeous - don't think you can go too wrong! The color of the dress is very flattering for you.
  10. I like it with a belt but I think you need a belt that's a little bit smaller.
  11. 1 or 2, but do you have a belt that is not as stark. The dress seems romantic and soft but the the belt is really harsh biker chickish.
  12. IMO, this isn't really a dress that necessitates a belt... it has a soft, almost grecian feel to it. That said, if you were going to belt it, I'd do a thinner black belt or even a soft metallic. So, I prefer look #1 and #2 only if the belt style meshed better with the feel of the dress (ie a thinner, more simple belt). You look great, by the way! :smile:
  13. Well, I think all three ways are super cute, but my favorite is #3 :smile:
  14. 3!
  15. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for your advise !!:yahoo:

    I really apprieciate it. Wanted to take pictures with a thinner belt , but I cldn't find it. It's probably somewhere in my closet. :biggrin:
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