Need ur opinion about the Medallion Tote

  1. Hi purse bloggers! I need your opinion, I just bought the Medallion Tote in black for $2125 (in black) and now after reading how the price for the bag was $1895 this past summer and $1650 prior to that, I am starting to think its not worth that price. Plus, I hear Chanel isn't getting anymore shipment of it so that probably means a new style will be coming out soon. What do you think? If i do return it, what should I get I definitely want a bag that hasn't had its price increase so I don't feel jipped :smile: Thanks!!
  2. well, almost all Chanel bags went up so you'll be hard pressed to trade it back in and find one that doesn't make you feel that way.
    The Medallion may be out of stock at your store, but they're not discontinuing it, there's nothing replacing it:nogood:
  3. do you think with the cruise collection coming in and the spring/summer collection not too far that those new bags will start off lower? I am starting to see the new trend with Chanel where they have increased the start up price at the low $1800s. Nothing is around $1700 or lower.. With the medallion its been out since 2006, you really dont think it's going to get replaced in a couple of seasons? I rather pay $2125 for a bag that isn't at the tail end of its journey.. hehe
  4. What bag should I get? Any Suggestions anyone?
  5. i think they're have a pink medallion on sale around $1500 HTH!
  6. the Medaillion will not be replaced:nogood: It's not on it's way out and it's close to impossible to find a bag that size for less by Cchanel at this point.
  7. The Medallion tote isn't going's a classic and is staying put. Keep it...I'm getting one tomorrow and can't wait for NM to open!
  8. Wow, I didn't realize the medallion went up in price tremendously. Are there any authentic nice ones on eBay that you can get for under $1900? That's probably how I would do it.
  9. Medallion is a classic and I think it is worht it that you paid the price for it. Think of it this way; all Chanel classic bags increased in price
  10. WOW 2195.00- I didnt realize it was that high either
    I paid 1650.00 for mine- I have the pink one and I wish I could trade it in and do a price adjustment and get about 1g wishful thinking. I should have waited..
  11. The Medallion Tote is a classic Chanel that will not be "replaced" by any other bags. Trendy bags come and go each season but classics like the Medallion Tote will be around forever. These totes tend to keep their value pretty well. If you find a good deal on eBay it's usually because the bag shows some wear or the seller doesn't have the best feedback so buyers are more cautious. You're asking if the bag is worth the price? Who's counting when you're spending this kind of money on bags anyways? None of these bags are probably "worth" the price we pay for them but they must be worth something to each of us or we wouldn't be buying them...
  12. Ha! Well said...much to my chagrin, I have to agree as I'm going to be picking up my very own Medallion tote as soon as my DS wakes up from his nap. :shame::rolleyes: