need ur help to decide...

  1. between the damier azur 4-key holder or the damier azur key and change holder. i popped into LV today and saw both available and they are the same price, so i had a hard tme deciding. i like the 4-key holder b/c it's not as flat as the key and change holder and it's more structured, but the s/a told me the key and change holder is actually more popular and i ended up getting that one. But now, i'm still thinking about that adorable 4-key holder....

    so i just wanted to know which one do you guys prefer.

    here's mine:
  2. I like change holder more... I think it's more practical.

    BTW, congrats!!!!
  3. thanks meeju. i see you have a damier azur wallet listed on your wishlist... which one do is it that you want? also, do you know if there's a simple billfold in azur? thanks.
  4. I have a 6 key holder and my DH as a 4 key holder and we love it. I like the fact that it prevents my keys from scratching up my phone. My DH loves his because he can store his keys neatly in his pocket. We brought them because our sole purpose was to our keys but if you want to store you change also then I would stick with what you have. If not I would get the key holder because you love it!
  5. If you want something to hold change- keep the cles!
  6. Love the cles. It's my fave little accessory. Good choice!
  7. thanks for all your opinions.. i think i will hold onto my key/change holder.. its just too cute.
  8. I Love your cles. I recently bought a Pomme and I love it!! Keep the cles :yes: