Need ur help Chanel bag from USA??

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  1. Hello there..
    I am going to USA next month (New York, Orlando and Las Vegas). I am travelling there from Cyprus. I want to get a shopping tote petit Chanel, but I dont know if it is chieper there or to get it from a European country. Shall I take back any custom tax or not? Also if I decide to buy it from USA from which of city shall I buy it? I am waiting for your reply and opinions..
    Thank you in advance.
  2. You'd have to pay sale tax in addition to the price on the tag and there's no VAT refund scheme like in Europe fopr non EU visitors. The price isn't too bad in US but definitely more than EU countries. I think it would be better to buy from somewhere nearer your home since you already know what you want.
  3. Thanxx..
    Do you know how can I estimate the sale tax?
  4. sales tax varies based on city, my city in TX is 8.125%, while there are few states don't have any sales tax at all.
  5. So if the bag i.e. is $2000 I have to pay extra 8.125% plus and also VAT ???