Need UNBIASED OPINIONS here puh-lease!!


give me your opinion

  1. keep coach bag/wallet, it's nice to have a change from lv once in a while

  2. return the coach, get an lv

  3. stop posting polls!! hehe - ok you better not pick this one!! ;P

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  1. Ok I know this is an LV section but I'm hoping you all could be unbiased and help me make a decision. I have NWT a Coach carly and matching wallet. I love it and have not used it simply because I see so many carlys (fake and real) around my area but then again I see tons of speedies too (which I don't own). Also it's a bit bigger than I'm used to - has a cute sag - but I feel like when I try it to take it out and wear it in my house, I am struggling to keep it on my shoulder cuz the shoulder strap is really wide.

    Anywho the wallet I got to go with the carly, I absolutely adore and it's a LE. So I'm wondering, should I keep this set (it's nice to have something other than mono lv) or return it and take the cash to LV??

    This is what I currently own as far as "designer" handbags:

    mono gucci pelham in brown
    mono lv coussin gm
    mono lv bv
    damier lv sophie

    and a couple more small coach bags

    If I go to lv, I'm also not sure what to I really want another mono bag?? I'm not a fan of MC or Vernis or really even damier what else does that leave me? more mono?? I really like the tivoli gm but double what this coach bag AND wallet cost me and isn't the tivoli big too??

    Here is the coach bag............give me your inputs:

    keep or return and get an LV

  2. Why not return it for the bag you have in your signature?
  3. Return the Coach and get an LV.
  4. ITA. if the carly is uncomfortable to wear, i'd return it, and get the Coach bag u want in your sig. i'd keep the wallet if u really like it...wallets don't have to match your purse (really, they don't! i am try to convince myself of the same thing, lol)
  5. I agree with the above posters; get the bag in your sig and keep the wallet - it is really cute! If there's nothing from LV that you want right now, don't try to force yourself to find something to like just to get it...better to wait for something you really do love!
  6. You shouldn't keep your current coach purse if the strap bothers you. I too, agree with everyone else -keep the wallet since its a LE, and get either the purse in your signature, or the tivoli !! There are modelling photos of the tivoli floating around somewhere which can give you an idea of how big it is. By looking at the poll though, I think the 2nd option is winning ... by 100% ! heh.. goodluck !;)
  7. Since u have a carly already, I'd return the medium one. Keep the wallet. It's cute and you can't find it anywhere anymore.
  8. I voted to return the coach...and either buy the new one you like or something in LV.

    IMO if you don't love it right away you probably never will and it will be $$ wasted.
  9. I would return the Carly that will not stay on your shoulder as that problem will make you nuts, I speak from experience! LOL!

    Secondly, I would either get the bag in your signature (can you use the wallet with that bag as well since you love the wallet?) or get something LV. The Tivoli is an awesome bag!
  10. I'd get the Coach in your sig! If not, then get an LV. How about a speedy? I'm a speedy's just a great bag!
  11. Return the bag, because the strap falling is a major issue. You'll eventually get annoyed. It is a cute bag though! Keep the wallet and find another bag! Is there any other Coach styles that you like? What about another LV besides the Tivoli?

  12. :yes::yes::yes:
  13. I don't have any coach items, but i actually really like this bag and want to get it in brown leather. so i voted that you keep it
  14. Get LV!! I learned the hard way that I am an LV girl at heart. I lost money on other designer brands, but at least I only have LV now!
  15. I like the style and would probably say to keep it if it was just a plain leather or had smaller C's. I like the wallet though...I'd probably keep that and get a different bag. As someone else said, why not the one in your signature? Then you'd be sure to have something you really like and will want to use.