Need TPFers help to choose new wallet

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  1. LV has toooooo many wallets! After trying to compare styles, my brain is fuddled.

    I have been using an Amelia in bronze mahina for a few years now and its time to get a new wallet. For me, the Amelia is almost the perfect wallet style. I tend to carry a lot of credit cards (personal and business) so the 18 cc slots are good, but I've started using a zippy coin to carry my overflow so at least 10-12 slots is essential.

    I also tend to carry lots of bills and coins, so the Amelia's large size is great. The only thing I don't like is that really long pocket that runs the width of the entire wallet. That to me is wasted space and adds bulk to the wallet.

    I'm perfectly fine with getting another Amelia, but any other ideas on a wallet? I'm open to any material, its the style/function that is important to me.
  2. Since you use a lot of credit cards, I think that insolite might work out perfectly. Tons of card storage and just overall great wallet. It's on the longer side than most others, I would say. I recently got mine in multicolore and love it!
  3. I love my insolite multicolor but sometimes feel like it isn't as secure because when you open it flat cards are on all view and also move sometimes. It's gorgeous though and I love it, but it is big. But it does hold tons of cards and feel great in hand.
  4. I say zippy wallet in vernis! :smile: can carry a lot of cards and bills, and perfectly secure.
    I also owns insolite in multicolor white, but turn to use it as a quick clutch more instead of wallet.
    I would suggest you to try all wallets in store, with all your cards and items you planning to carry :smile: good luck on finding your perfect wallet!
  5. I suggest the insolite or zippy. I have both and I love them. I know what you mean about the zipper on the back. I don't like that either.
  6. I'd get a vernis zippy! I have a pomme zcp and zippy and love them both. Those are two wallets I'll never sell. I think the cc slots are just enough plus you have a lot of interior compartments/pockets. I think if you don't overstuff it with too many bills the zippy should be perfect!

    I don't think the vernis zippy will ever go out of style--it has such classic lines but the vernis makes it a little more "fancy". :smile:
  7. Another vote for the insolite!
    I put my cash and coins in the exterior zipped pocket, so I don't have to open the entire wallet all the time. Plenty of card slots and compartments.

  8. Thanks everyone! i want to be prepared when I go to the LV store and these are great suggestions.
  9. why don't you consider the coming "christmas animation" zippy wallet? I'd loved to have one of them..
  10. Take a look at the Marie Lou Mono/Epi as well. It has 8 card slots and a really cool inside envelope snap pocket for spare card / coins. Might work for you as well. There is a pocket behind the envelope snap pocket, one behind the card slots, one shallow pocket in front of the card slots and one on the back / outside. A ton of room!

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