Need TPFer Opinions on this Red Paddy!

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  1. I have been wanting a red bag for sooo long but since I know I will only own one red bag, it must be 'the perfect one'! I like other brands too (bbags, LV, Chanel, Prada) so she has some competition. Could it be she? Anyone have this bag and/or opinions on this shade of red? Thanks!!!:p
  2. I think it's a fantastic colour! And it matches so well with the hardware. Looks good with grey, which is THE colour for fall.

    Go for it! :tup:
  3. I have a red like that & it's GORGEOUS! I would think you'd love it.
  4. I had tht bag and it was one of my favourites.

    Its weird to still see it full price as that colour went on sale earlier this year
  5. I own this bag & LOVE it! You will be glad you got it! You will be surprised at how many things you can wear with it.
  6. I have the rouge paddy too and the color is absolutely amazing! I was afraid that it would be too loud but its a really great color!I took one look at it and i was in love! :tender:
  7. This is one of my top three favorite paddy colors... it just sings in that shade of red!:p
  8. Rouge is beautiful classic ferrari red colour, really yummy! :drool:
  9. is this a new color for fall '07 or are they leftover from last season? I only care because I would be afraid to order this bag and get a worn, used return!!!
  10. I don't think so? I think that this is such a gorgeous popular colorway that they have had lots of them in stock and they continue to keep selling. My local Neiman's always has them in stock. They always have Stam bags in stock too without ever marking them down since they know they will move at full price. The thing is - lots of other outlets not intent on re-stocking Paddies might offer this red Paddy at a discount. Then the question is "Should you take a chance looking?"
  11. I believe it is 06 colour... But maybe there's just some left like divnata says..?
  12. i would LOVE to have that bag... it's gorgeous... i say go for it if you can!
  13. I had this bag and got it for a great price at the Xmas Net-a-porter sale around $900 but sold it because I just didn't wear the right colors to match it. IT was beautiful though and it was 06. I sold mine on eBay.
  14. that's one hot bag!! :tup: i agree with what the other TPFers have said!

    but if it' the only red bag i'll be getting - i would probably choose the chanel red caviar flap! hehe that's just me though, because i think the red flaps are TDF!!!
  15. It's GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutly love Love LOVE it!!! The paddy looks so AbFab in that shade!! Get it!!!!