Need TPF Intervention! Does anyone else list a lot of stuff on Ebay & then regret it?

  1. I was really satisfied with myself after I completed my listings. I thought, great now I can go to bed, and I will be able to buy my first Prada bag with the money I make, maybe snap up that matching Prada wallet I had my eye on.

    Then I started feeling really freaking sick. Thoughts were racing through my mind, like but what about that beautiful Botkier, or that Hayden Harnett that made me smile so much, what kind of homes are my babies going to, what if I need this bag or that bag for a certain occasion, and AGHHH what about the Kooba....we all need 8 or 9 black bags right ????

    Im nonsensical here.

    So yeah, lots of thoughts. Now I want to puke. :throwup: Im seriously wanting to end what I just listed and go crawl in my bed.

    WAH! can someone please tell me that they can relate to this, and that im not a weirdo!? And that its gonna be okay???? PLEASE!:crybaby:
  2. I can relate! It's so hard to do sometimes. I have a few things listed now that I'm having a hard time selling, but I'm going to try not to think about it and just go through with it. For me, it comes down to having way too much stuff and wanting to make a life change. So I'm going to have to live with the pain. lol
  3. No, just make sure you don't regret selling some things like I recently did...If you even have a inkling of doubt and no bidders, end now. I wish I had.
  4. Im seriously going to cry! I feel so torn and uneasy. I really want one of those Prada Gauffe (Gauffre?) bags but totally cant afford it. Also, Im getting very sentimental about the bags I had thought I could let go of.

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  5. You're not alone in that feeling. I have in fact ended some of my own listings after realizing the value (both sentimental and financial) of some items I have put up for auction. Some items I can sell without looking back but there are some that I just can't let go of. Wish I could offer a foolproof advice but I can just offer empathy.
  6. If you love your babies that much to feel like this, I think you should end your auctions.

    Or at least take it offline till you feel you are ready to let them go.

    Money can always be earned but when your bag has gone to a new home, it would not be returning. :flowers:
  7. LOL - I know how you feel.
    I once sold a Fendi bag and when she got it she left me nuetral saying "I don't really like the bag as much as in pictures." WTF?
    So I offered her a full refund (including return shipping) if she would just give it back and then I got the bag back because because I didn't want it living with her. :p

    I also once sold a Fendi bag for 90% below retail because I knew the buyer couldn't really afford more but she would LOVE it so much.

  8. Awwwww.... I know how you feel. I purchased my first Louis Vuitton from eLuxury (it was a delicious speedy 40) when I was 18 because I had some extra money lying around. Well, I carried it for about a month, then had a guilt trip about "OMG! I just spent almost $700!!" - so I listed it on eBay to try to recoup that play money. I regret it still! Which is why I am now a packrat. (And now my addiction is so bad, $700 for a bag is "nothing")
  9. So... wear the bag you like the least tomorrow, one last time.

    How do you feel? Do you love carrying it? Are you as happy carrying it as you will be carrying that Prada Gauffre Tote?

  10. I totally agree with Jayne, carry your bag again & see how you feel.
  11. I try not to list anything on eBay unless I am totally over it, not in love with it anymore. I have bought and sold the same item more than once (a Louis Vuitton Fuschia Vernis Bedford springs to mind!) on eBay. I have to keep reminding myself what the problem was with it (in the case of the Bedford, beautiful eye candy but totally impractical as a bag!) ;)
  12. I Totally know what you mean Gung, I want one of these too !!, you know the Silver messenger, well its really hard to find but I found one for $3,000 I think it was and there is no way I can afford that so I gotta let it go until I can afford one, maybe in the future LOL.
  13. Aww GUNG, I can't say I can relate, but I think my boyfriend can sort of. When it's time to clean the house and throw out stuff we don't need, my bag is always full and his is always completely empty. And then I ask 'why.... is your bag empty?' and he's like 'well... this candy wrapper was from when we shared that packet of Starbursts together. And this train ticket was from when we went to the city together. And this...' and i'm always like 'that's... really... sweet... really. But honest to God, I just can't have all this... well rubbish lying around in the house! Either find a box to put them in, but I think the best and safest place for precious memories is your head'.

    So basically, I have no issues selling bags, especially the ones I don't really take out (obviously, I wouldn't sell bags that I do!) because would I rather my bag sit in a closet to collect dust and never see the light of day, or give someone else the chance to really give it the attention it deserves? The biggest thing is to ask yourself, are you EVER going to use this at least twice a week on average again? Wearing it once a month doesn't count.

    If all else fails, think about the money you spent on it, and then think about that amount sitting in your closet getting no wear time.

    And if all of that fails, don't sell it. You'll definitely regret it. But really... the memories are better in your head than to have it sit in a closet.
  14. Aw, sounds like you are suffering from separation anxiety! I have that problem whenever I sell a bag as well. The only way to get through it is to remember how often you don't use the bag, and what you can buy with the funds you'll make.

    I still miss some of the bags that I sold, but in the end, I'm sure they're in better homes with mommies that will use them more than me!
  15. I freak out every time I list my bags too! Try to relax and keep your eye on the Prada prize :yes: