Need tote opinions pretty please.

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  1. I want an everyday tote for my laptop that will be carried in addition to my handbag. Are any of the Coach totes practical for this? I'm thinking the fact that most (all?) of them don't zip at the top could pose a problem in rain. Even though my favorite just by looking at Coach's site is the leather Gigis, I suppose the Legacy leather is a poor choice for something that will not be babied?

    I'm considering any of the Gigis (leather, Spectator, denim, signature), Heritage Stripe multi-function, and Bleecker Tattersall travel. Am I forgetting any other potential candidates for a 15" laptop (with a third party cushioned sleeve that I will likely need to purchase)? I haven't seen any of these IRL and would love opinions as I know nothing about them except for the pic and description at Coach.

  2. I use the Coach Optic Baby Bag for days when I have to take ALL of my books to campus. You know, library research days.

    But lately I've been using my Hamptons Vintage Leather Large Carryall #11086. Here is a picture of it with my macbook inside.


  3. Oh, LOADS of info on those links Mokoni - thank you! SarahB, that bag is really pretty - and a MacBook is what I have. Great info!
  4. The diaper bags that Coach makes also work as bags for a laptop. You can even use the changing pad to pad your laptop.
  5. I use my large Carly for school. I can fit all six of my textbooks, a 1" binder, a wristlet, and bottle of water with plenty of more room. I love it because it is so comfy and doesn't feel heavy at all. It also has a great drop and looks great!
  6. The more I see this bag, the more I want it!!! I think if I loaded my Miranda up like that though my arm would fall this one heavy?

    BTW, love your nail polish! Is that Chanel Blue Satin?
  7. ^^ITA w/ ellacoach!! i love this bag and the color! is this the one thats on now?? the blue doesn't look the same....gah! i love it!!!! does it fit on your shoulder?
    newly~gigi may be a good choice. IMO legacy leather is durable. it would be pretty heavy, tho. what about a gallery tote? maybe the N/S?
  8. ... Nope, I'm an OPI girl. It's lincoln park after dark. I personally think OPI chips less. I can go two weeks without a manicure. I just don't have the time to go every week.

    nolarice, The color is NOTHING like the one on the coach website. It's sooo much prettier in person.... here is the thread from when I got it with lots more photos.
  9. thanks, sweetie!
  10. I have 3 Coach diaperbags, they are great! They are big enough for me to carry my laptop and my kids diapers in! If your open to other brands LV has some really nice ones too. (Damier Azur Naviglio)