Need Tokidoki lovers advice

  1. I got this wallet as a gift from my sis. She is really into this designer...I'm more into leather classic styles....Anyway can someone tell me more about this wallet. I didn't want to ask my sis because she waited in line for so long to get it signed for me. Also, if you can give me ideas on when I can use it so it is most appropriate. I didn't want to tell her I use it to hold my id for the gym. Thanks ahead of time : )
    tdback.jpg tdwallet.jpg
  2. The wallet is called a denaro. It retails for $68 on the LeSportsac website, yet they sell for much more on eBay - especially for the print you have. It is called "black", and features what is called the "original print" on the inside. It's appropriate to use anytime... it's a wallet, of course~ :p
  3. if your sis got it signed, it was signed by simone, the creator of tokidoki (who happens to be cute and italian but apparently taken :crybaby:).

    it's a very chic wallet, though people have differing opinions, of course. lesportsac is known for making products that hold up well, or so i've been told. your wallet is part of a collaboration between lesportsac and tokidoki.

    enjoy your wallet, however you choose to use it! this style seems really useful with the all-around zipper. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the info! apparently my sis is on the signers website they photographed her while she was getting my wallet signed. I love it because my sis put so much energy into it.
  5. i have a denaro that i use everyday. it very casual and easy to use, plus the zipper keeps stuff from falling out.

    and the print you got it pretty rare, and the fact that its signed by simone makes it very valuable as well.

    congrats! i hope you love it!