Need toe nail polish color.. fair skin

  1. I'm so bored of wearing Ballet Slippers (Essie) and shades very close to it.

    Any suggestions in OPi or Essie for a great pedicure. I'm going on vacation Friday with my Sisters and need help choosing something different.
  2. These would be a lot darker than you're used to, but I love OPI's Strawberry Margarita and My Chihuahua Bites from their Mexican line.
  3. OPI's "I'm not really a waitress" is a great red for fair skin tones! I know you are used to pinks, but this is a really pretty color. I also LOVE "you rockapulco red" I think it's from the mexico line. It is a red color, but it has almost a pink tone to it...really pretty! Have fun on vacation!
  4. There's one from OPI's Brights collection...something Berry, sorry can't remember the full name, but it is a really pretty dark pink.
  5. a second for OPI i'm not really a waitress!!! seriously my favorite color ever (especially for pedis), and i'm pretty much white as a sheet.

    i also like it's all greek to me, flashbulb fushcia, dazzle and divine from the designer diamond line (all opi and all bright pink....i usually wear various shades of bright pink in the summer and INRAW from september to june. hehe)
  6. Cajun Shrimp 0PI
  7. OPI Kennebunkport is a gorgeous red with fair skin.
    Also, the classic OPI Red is very pretty and a good starter red if you want something different other than pale colors.
  8. Chick Flick Cherry by OPI is a nice red as well.
  9. I think a nice red color looks good on any skin tone. I love OPI's Double Decker Red.
    Double Decker Red.jpg
  10. Thank you very much for all your recommendations. I think I'll write them all down and take with me when I go for the pedicure and choose from there. Thanks again, Hope everyone is surviving the 100 degree weather today.
  11. yes, these are both great! :yes: I'm super pale year round and I love a bright pedi!

  12. I really like OPI's 'Holy Pink Pagoda!' color. I have fair skin too, and it really looks nice.
  13. I really like OPI's Ladies and Magentamen for summer... it's really pretty!
  14. I'm light skinned too, and OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" looks fantastic! It really does!
  15. You could always do a french pedicure. I always wore all kinds of colors on my toes(and still do), but when I tried the french, it was an instant favorite - and it looks good on everyone, just pick a good sheer coat color!