Need To Vent....

  1. Mods, please remove if inappropriate...otherwise, please allow me to vent....

    I respect that it is one's choice to do what they want with their bags/money, whatever... However, it still bothers me that while bag lovers like ourselves agonize over whether or not we will receive what we waitlisted for, others get on the list just to immediately turn around and sell the item on e-bay for twice what they paid for!

    Many of us were extremely disappointed that the US would not receive Sophies and I shook my head in disgust when I saw one on E-bay for $899? I was just browsing tonight and saw a Pochette Riveting Bag for a BIN of $850 and a Mono Riveting Bag for $3800!!!:cursing: THAT'S JUST AGGRAVATING!!! Just my opinion...
  2. Yeah I agree with ya....I would not buy a bag for the sole purpose of reselling it via eBay. Most of those sellers set their prices so high that they won't sell the first few times they're listed (so they waste money on listing fees, etc.) selling on eBay is just a pain in the a$$.
  3. I agree that it's frustrating to see hard to get LV items on e-bay selling for outrageous prices. I also get mad when I see LV items on e-bay that are selling for high prices when the item is readily available for retail at the LV store. I hate to see people getting ripped off on eBay when they don't know to check at the LV store or on e-luxury for the retail prices.
  4. I agree...unfair. I have had many opportunities to get a load of the black chanel satin and ceramic. But I thought that it would be wrong to deprive someone who really wants it and to fork up $50 or more for a $18 bottle. I just personally couldn't do it. That's why I prefer to tell you guys if I found something, not buy and it and sell it for more.
  5. i agree. i saw a vernis flat pouch for $600 and it made me sick. and then i saw a perle lexington for a couple hundred over retail, saying in their auction it was "discontinued and sold out everywhere" -- are you freaking kidding me?! come on now...! is anyone honest anymore?
  6. I hate it too !!!! :cursing::hysteric:

    As a matter of fact I am considering a Pearl Cles and they are CURRENTLY on e luxury RETAIL for $200. I checked e bay & I found 2 from the same seller. One is a BIN of $350 !!!!:wtf: And the other is an auction starting at $259 (or something like that; can't exactly remember) WTF ??????????????????? :cursing: :rant: :cursing:
  7. Yup, that's one reason my SA is so nice about everything and gives the gifts, etc. Besides being loyal to the store, she knows we don't turn around and sell these items on ebay for exorbitant prices, she knows we buy them to use.
  8. I don't buy on Ebay and I'm lucky to live in a place where I can get 99% of what I want at my local boutique within 3 days... So I guess this situation doesn't apply to me. However, I do understand tho... it's like some people abuse their power (eg. police officers.....sheeeeeesh lol)
  9. I'm so with you on this. I'm dreaming off a Miroir Alma and saw a seller that sold 4 already! Come on! I understand it's business and these sellers offer a service but I felt so bad for not having been able to get the alma miroir.
  10. Yeah. it makes me mad too... like the Miroir Pochette for $1000 and Miroir Speedy for $4000... most of you know who I'm talking about! It's rediculous!
  11. I know what you mean. It's aggravating to say the least, but at the same time, these people prob got in earlier and to the LV staffers they won't know who are the ebay profiteers as well.
  12. it's capitalism, if I could I would do the same thing to be honest. These sellers are a guarentee that you will get an authentic Limited edition bag, they provide a service. You can't imagine how many scams are on ebay right now.

    There are scammers on ebay that are selling some LE bags. They stole pictures from past auctions and keep the money. It happened to me I paid and then recovered only 25% of what I paid via paypal.

    In the future I would pay more to be 100% confident with an online transaction. I want this miroir alma so bad, Im really considering ebay right now.
  13. ^^
    My store here had one a few weeks ago and it was offered to me but I declined ....I could have bought it on your behalf.....It makes me disappointed to see some items going for a HUGE price only due to the fact they were able to access limited items very quickly at their store/s:sad:
  14. Thanks Shalom that's so nice of you. I'm still on the list at my store but even if the SA said that a miracle can happened (it happened to CAT!) she said that I 'm already lucky to have both miroir speedies.

    But I want that Alma!:hysteric:
  15. No worries .. they offered a speedy to me too but I declined...the alma is a pretty huge bag...there is always the lockit to look forward to;)