Need to vent!!

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  1. Ok so hubs and I decided to take a day trip to SF for a beach picnic date w our dog and on way home I wanted to check in at the boutique just to see if anything had arrived or see what any fushia lamb looks like IRL, well come to find out my SA reserved the wrong boy WOC for me!! She reserved patent and not calfskin! I'm a little irked but wanted to vent!! Anyhow... Now I'll just push my luck with my other SA's elsewhere!!! I think I was number 4 or 5 too on the list!!! Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and me n the hubs n dog (all boys w my boy bag) had a great day at the beach.... That's what counts I guess!! I'm sad and more anxious at the same time!!! Oh well maybe it wasn't meant to be!!
  2. I'm so sorry the end of your perfect day in SF turned out that way. Did you ask her if she could find you the correct one since she had made the error? She might be able to get one transferred in (are the boys considered classics for purposes of shipping?) for you. Have you bought at a Chanel boutique before? If you have, I'll keep an eye out for you if you let me know what you are looking for (if it's a shippable bag).
  3. Thanks tutu!! No I didn't ask if they could do anything since these boy WOC haven't hit the shelves yet. I didn't want to start on bottom of their current list, and didn't feel up to seeing what they could do. I've bought in SF, NYC, and Paris boutiques before. I'm on a few lists at NM and Saks but I don't have any clue if ill be lucky enough to get one. I was kinda hoping since i was 4th or 5th id get one...I'm really disappointed and I've waited about 2 years for this boy WOC. Tutu I'd appreciate any help I can get!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394335575.627317.jpg

    It's supposed to be like this one, calfskin metallic, w a dark grey shiny hardware.
    Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it. I can call that SA tomorrow and see what they can do.....
  4. I am so sorry to hear your wonderful day took such a wrong turn! Maybe someone on the forum is on two list and can help you out. I hope so:biggrin:
  5. The one you want is so pretty. I can see why you are irked. I hope you get your bag in the end though.
  6. Love the Boy WOC! I hope u'll get yours soon!
  7. Thanks you all for your kind words!! I hope I get a chance at it!! I was really counting on getting this since I had been waiting so long for another leather version.... Well I'll keep a positive mindset... We will see!
  8. I'd really press them to get one in for you since it was their misunderstanding. And Tutu is kind of fuchsia frenzied and didn't read the WOC part before, so I know those can't be shipped. Oh fudge. So I'd definitely see if they can transfer one in for you, as now WOC's are on the "do not ship" list. Explain that you were 4 or 5 on this list, have waited 2 years for it and really would appreciate them helping to find one in any way possible.
  9. You are right, I probably should have been more proactive about it while I was still there, I was upset and didn't know what or how to handle it and we were already having such a good day and I didn't want to put a damper on things. I'll call and talk to that SA tomorrow or talk to her manager and see what can be done. I just hate making such a "fuss" over something but if corrective actions need to be done then I need to try at least.
  10. I totally get you for today. You were having a great day, expected a lovely little pop into Chanel, and found this. So while today you were a bit unnerved, make sure tomorrow you have your ducks in a row and just be kind, nice, firm, and gently assertive. They messed up; they should fix it. It's not about making a fuss, it's about getting what you asked and waited patiently for 2 years for. As Yoda would say, "do or do not. there is no try." :smile:
  11. True. Omg I love Star Wars by the way!! Definitely gonna see what I can do tomorrow.
  12. I would ask for them to search for you. You would do this is you were in the SA's position. The bag is stunning and I would be very upset too. We all understand and are here for you:smile: I bet you will get one soon:smile:
  13. <(-.-)>
  14. Thanks!! The SA remembered me from buying that blue vibrant yen wallet 2 weeks ago and asked how I like it but another SA looked up the wait list stuff while I was looking at the fushia SLG's and the 2nd SA said I reserved a patent and I said no I wanted the calfskin. The original SA was right there and said I reserved patent and not calfskin and made an oops face... The 2nd SA then asked if I wanted to be removed from the patent list.... That's when I just have up and walk away.... But ill update you guys tomorrow and see what happens.
  15. May the force be with me tomorrow!! Lol