Need to vent!

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  1. OMG, I've had such a stressful conversation with my friend. Him and I are both in LA visiting our parents for the Thanksgiving holiday and are planning on driving back to the bay area Sunday morning. We had planned this out about a month ago. I asked him to come to my house Saturday night (tonight) so that in the morning, we can get up early to miss the traffic rush. Last year, it took me 10 hrs to drive to SF because of the traffic and I most certaintly did not want to sit through it again tomorrow! So he gives me a call and tells me that he doesn't want to come to my house tonight because he wants to spend time with his brother. He's had an entire week at home to spend time with his brother and he chose today, of all days, to hang out with him. So I told him to come later tonight, but he said he wouldn't be able to be at my house before everybody went to bed. So I asked him to come to my house in the morning before we left and he started yelling at me that I was making things so difficult for him and that he wanted me to go to his house to pick him up Sunday morning. And then, he had the "wonderful" idea to meet halfway between our two houses tomorrow morning! I told him "NO! I'm not driving to a city that I'm unfamiliar with at the wee hours of the morning to search for him!" He chose a gas station in a ghetto city off the 5 freeway for us to meet at! How ridiculous is that?!?!

    I just couldn't believe that he would change our plans last minute and blame it all on me! Then, he threatened to just buy a plane ticket for tomorrow because I wasn't cooperating with his plans. I told him to go ahead and fly if that's what he wanted to do, but the flights are way too expensive with less than 24 hrs. between booking and flight time and he still had the nerve to argue with me and tell me that I was making things difficult for him! WTH? I'm giving him a free ride back home and I'm difficult? All I asked him to do was meet me at my house.

    What do you in these situations? Do you even have "friends" that treat you like this?

    Thanks for reading my vent! :flowers:
  2. maybe you should teach him a lesson and leave his happy butt! Or if you are nrevous about leaving him, have him drive to your house and back to wherever you guys are going and pay for gas.
    He sounds VERY inconsiderate and selfish.
  3. Gah, I know how harsh I-5 to SF is, and I don't blame you for wanting to leave early! If he's so intent on buying a plane ticket home, then let him do it. But, if it was me, I'd give myself a bit to cool down and then try calling him again and trying to have a calm, civil conversation with him (I can get pretty emotional/heated up when I'm irritated with someone!). And if he refuses to come over that early and is messing up with your plans, don't be afraid to voice to him how you really feel! I hope that you get this all resolved and you get home safe.
  4. If he wants to be a jerk and make you break plans you both made far in advance because he lacks proper time management, then let him fly. You are being very reasonable in wanting to drive early to beat the high volume of traffic. Hope it all works out.
  5. That does not sound like the behavior of a young man who is trying to impress a young lady with how diligently he wishes to care for her.

    The airplane ticket sounds like the choice that will work out best for him, despite the extra expense.
  6. Oh myh! If he really thinks you are making things harder, then let him, go ahead and fly! Seriously.
  7. Hi,

    Thanks for all your responses. We agreed that he will meet at my house tomorrow at 3am. We'll see if he shows up....
  8. i would leave him at a curb and tell him wehre to go and how to get there with himself
  9. If he changes plans and it doesn't go well for you, let him figure out his own ride back. That was rude of him!
  10. Wonder if it all worked out, I hope so. Sometimes it can be difficult when you are having fun with family to give it up.
  11. Hi twinkle,

    It all worked out good :yes: We left at 3am as planned and got to the bay area at 8:30! Not a bit of traffic on the way! Couldn't have been better!
  12. ^^^glad things worked out for you!