Need to Vent

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  1. Visited the LV boutique in San Francisco today, looking for the Mono Denim Neo Cabby.

    Went up to a SA, and asked if there were any Monogram Denim purses, since I didn't see any displayed. She proceeded to rant that the Monogram Denim line was discontinued. I rebutted by saying that I saw it online just yesterday night. She said that it must be a mistake online and that I will not find any Monogram Denim purses anymore, at any LV. I was shocked and stood there for a little...and was truely saddend. :cry: 1) She was the most rude SA I've ever met (I would have been a totally easy sale) and 2) the purse I've been drooling over was no longer avaliable. She didn't try to clarify what I was looking for OR try to show me some thing else.

    So I walked out, and bless my dear mommy's heart, she said "Why don't we go to Neiman's? They have a LV boutique there." Walked across the street, then into LV and the amazing SA at Neiman's said they had my beloved Neo Cabby in stock!!! :yahoo: I asked if the Denim line was discontinued, and she said the Blue Denim was, but there are other colors. Picked up my Black Neo Cabby and was on my merry way.

    I really wanted to walk back into the LV boutique and find that not-so-nice SA and show her my new purse - that she did not get commission on. Then proceed to ask for her manager. But I didn't. I was just happy that I brought Cabby home.

    Has anyone else had a really bad experience with a SA? Did you do anything about it?
  2. Not exactly the same thing. BUt i have had SA not help me, ignore me and stare at me, you know like im an alien from mars or something =/

  3. So sorry this happend to you but on a positive note, this is a lesson learned. If I were you, I'd only get my LVs from the SA who helped you at Neimans. Congrats on your Neo Cabby! Pics?
  4. I agree! Once you find a wonderful SA, stick with them! It took several purchases before I found an awesome SA! I seriously think I would cry if mine ever left LV!

    Congrats on your new LV!
  5. I am sorry to hear that your SA is inexperienced and ...well... stupid!

    I never had that kind of problems though. I have been frequenting at my nearby boutique in the past a couple of months and when I was not even purchasing anything, my SA said, "feel free to take a look around the store."
  6. First, congrats on your Cabby -- what a great bag!! I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. My LV is just great -- I feel like all the SA's are my friends. I always stop in to see them when I'm in the mall and we love to chat about LV.
  7. Maybe one day all the rude ones will learn........
  8. That sucks! I just went to the SF store today, two very nice SAs helped me and I bought the same bag you got - black Neo Cabby, which they had in the back. I also asked to try the Slightly in black denim, they had someone run to Bloomingdales to get one for me to try. I guess it all depends on which SA you get. I was doing an exchange too, so not expecting so much good attention,

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience!!!
  9. Thank you for all the support! :nuts: I used to have a SA for the Valley Fair (San Jose) LV...but he left. So sad! I run into him at the strangest places though. I was one of his lucky clients to get a Pink Cherry Blossom Papillion. :yahoo:

    melovepurse - If my SA at Neimans leaves, can I befriend the nice SA that helped you?

    Thanks Everyone!

  10. i also had a similar experience! when i was going to buy my slightly denim, i originally went to a louis vuitton boutique that i was not familiar with. the SA was extremely rude to me. When i asked questions.. she looked at me like it was a dumb question, and then gave a smart remark back. i was this close to buying the bag from her, but decided to go to the SA that usually sells me my lv bags at a neiman marcus in a different mall. i have never been treated that badly in a louis vuitton shop before. immediately after, i went to the neiman marcus that i was used to & asked to see the SA that usually helps me. she was there! :yahoo: of course she had my slightly & it was the only black one they got in. they just got it in a couple days prior & i was the only one to even look at it! i purchased my new lv right on the spot & went home happy. :biggrin:
  11. Congrats on finding your bag. Can you casually wander back into LV with it and let the SA who was rude see it?:biggrin:
  12. That's so awesome that you found the bag at the Neiman's! :tup:

    Also FYI... LV SA's don't get paid on commission.
  13. big congrats that you got your bag.
    it is amazing how much work it is though isn't it ??? especially with misinformed sa's.
  14. monkeechu - of course - his name is Tommy, he usually works in Jewelry upstairs and is there Friday thru Monday. His manager's name is Helena, I am not sure if she manages the entire store. Both of them treated me very well. Actually, I've mostly found the SA's pretty nice and even the cashiers are friendly...i think i have good luck!
  15. I was going to say the same thing ;) As rude as some of them are, maybe they should huh?:P