Need to Vent

  1. I listed-not sure its cool to say so I'll refer to it as an "item" and it sold last week but the buyer sent me an email stating she couldn't complete the transaction and I have dealt with this buyer before she has been a great customer of my jewelry (this was something else) so I let it go filed my fees no negative did a second chance offer no reply so I relisted. The auction ended Friday a last minute bidder jacked up the win by 15.00 so yay, right....NO I got no reply to the "winning bidder" email so I sent her a personal email welcoming her to ebay and does she need any help-I had checked her out she registered Friday and 5 minutes before she bid on my item she did a BIN from the same designer and 12 hours after she bid on another item different seller same designer but lost the I get this email :

    Hi Amy, I am sorry to tell you this but my daughter ordered this on my account and I do not have that much money to throw out. Is there any way you could put it back on ebay or me make payments to you? please let me know thanks, stacy

    I am SO MAD I have yet to reply just need to vent I sent a second chance out hopefully it goes..............UGH:rant:
  2. Ugh, I hate it when this happens.

    I hate it when people pull out the "my child did this" excuse even more - it may be true, but it's used so often it may as well be like saying "my dog ate my homework". It's shameful that people would use their children like that.
  3. I just sold my cornflower city on there after a relist for not meeting the reserve. The winner was a 0FB member who has been registered since 2005. They sent me a message stating they had "won" a cheaper Balenciaga and no longer want to buy mine. I was so mad that I had to relist again.
  4. That is such a lame excuse it makes me so mad - I would report her as a non payer!
  5. I contacted the seller she did the BIN with and was told she pulled the same thing-meanwhile she is still bidding on Coach items so I reported her and left her a negative...hopefully I get a sale from the 2 others who bid thru second chance offer!
  6. I hope you won't get hit with Final Sale fees... Ebay really can be a rip off for sellers.

    I was watching an Ebay show last night.. they replayed it like 5 times... it was all about ebay, the good and the bad. They say they dedicate an entire team to dealing with people who aren't happy.. but I've been screwed so much by them..I dont believe theyr'e doing their job.

    Plus the woman who created ebay is a friggin' beast. Yuck.
  7. I got my FVF credited already, she now has 2 negatives and I heard from another seller-not the one I contacted-asking me about her. I am just a little surprised she had zero feedback now has -2 and is not suspended yet. There was a time when if you had 50 or under 1 negative would get you booted but that was years ago.
    I agree the woman who created ebay is a beast but ya know, she beasted herself all the way to the bank. When will I come up with that multi-billion dollar idea?
  8. the sad thing is, with ebay she'll just delete that account and make another one. they've tried to make it hard for that to happen, but ive heard stories of it happening.
  9. meg whitman aka the beast, isnt the creator of Ebay, she's just the CEO, a guy created it in '95 in his freakin living room! Why cant i get my DH to do something that useful in the living room!