Need to vent....

  1. ..and i knew you ladies would understand.

    Today, I was in my department store to re-purchase my Laura Mercier Mineral Makeup. Because I knew that new colors were due out, I was asking my SA when I should expect them to hit the store. She was vague and asked what was wrong with my other stuff (i.,. non-mineral from LM). I told her that I am pregnant and have dumped all my cleansing products with salycilic acid and replaced it with very mild organic stuff from Whole Foods. THerefore, I would also like to have all makeup be as good and "clean" for my skin as possible during this time.

    All the sudden she looks at me and says in this catty tone "Oh yeah, you LOOK pregnant."

    First of all, I don't care if I am looking as big as a house, you just don't say that to someone. Second, I have actually LOST 5 pounds in my pregnancy so far.

    This is the second time she has said something really horrible to me in the last 2 months.

    A few months ago, I came in for lipstick and she started bashing my hair cut and color. Admittedly, the cut and color was so bad that it caused me to find a new stylist, but that doesn't matter. Then when I tried to let her comment fly over my head, I said something like this "Yeah, it is very hard for me to style every morning and takes me way too long." She replied "Well its not like you have anything better to do." (I'm a SAHM and she knows this so I think that is why she made that comment).

    FYI, BOTH times my sister was standing there with me. She told me I better not ever go back to this woman, which, I won't, but isn't she nuts? I have spent TONS of money with this woman too so she has made a considerable amount of commission off of me.

    Seriously, what is up with sales people these days. A few weeks ago I posted in the Fendi forum about a nasty SA at Saks that I had to contend with. I swear to God, I am the nicest customer in the world - never nasty, demanding or unreasonable so I am not giving them reason to be rude to me. Is there just no such thing as customer service anymore?
  2. the hair comments are in very poor taste. but to say you look pregnant doesnt sound aweful (im assuming it must have been her tone). regardless, i agree with sissy. stay away from her. she sounds like a miserable woman.
  3. All I can offer is stay AWAY from this woman. You don't need to hear those snarky remarks.
  4. EW.
    Take your money somewhere else!!!!
  5. I don't put up with crap from any sales people. I've never had to but if someone pissed me off enough I would immediately ask for their supervisor and let them know what was said. If that wasn't enough, I'd let their corporate office know and let the supervisor know I was doing so. Rudeness is not tolerable to me when someone is getting paid to provide a service to you where you may possibly end up parting with hard earned cash. Someone has to say something or the rudeness just perpetuates.
  6. Not everyone encounters nice SA, I stand by the rule if upset with a SA I will not part with my money at that store. The moment they leave me a cutting remark I'd just say ALOUD nicely "Thank you for your time, I see that you no longer need your commission, so I'll give someone else the business instead" and promptly walk off and never return.

    I've done that a couple of times. Just bear in mind the problem is not you, it's not how much you weigh, your natural hair color or skin color, it's their sucky attitude. You don't deserve to be treated slightly just because the SA has a bad day or whatever.
  7. I would make an anonymous complaint to her manager, not out of spite to get her fired, but because her boss should know that she's treating customers this way. They'll most likely pull her aside and talk to her about it. It could be that no one (including the SA herself) realizes how rude and inappropriate her behavior is. Or, you never know... maybe they've had complaints about her before and it will be enough to make them replace her with someone better. No matter what, I think her manager should know...
  8. ^ Even if she does get fired, it's not because you told her boss the truth about her. She got herself into this by being rude to her customers. That is not her job.
  9. Yeah don't hesitate to tell a manager I was a manager in clothing retail for awhile we can't see or hear everything so please please please tell the manager.

    I don't get what is wrong with SA of late. it like a load of people who hate there jobs have started working at the places i shop as well. Guess what if you don't like being nice to people and hate your job... why don't you try to find another one.
  10. It seems like these days you either need to be ridiculously wealthy or famous to get good customer service. I don't know if I would report her to a manager, but I would definitely find another SA and buy stuff from her right in front of your old SA.
  11. I would tell a manager and spend my money with someone else
  12. There seem to be more and more SA's like this lately, I don't know what it is, but all we can do is report the bad SA, and reward the good ones with our business. Sorry this happened but you're definitely not alone!
  13. I agree that it is not enough to just leave and shop elsewhere. You must tell the manager why you will not be back to that store, otherwise s/he may never know that an SA is treating people this way. Write an anonymous letter if you shrink from confrontation, or just call and ask when the manager will be in and go in and talk to him/her. A good manager wants to know when these things happen.
  14. I totally agree!!! REPORT this rude, nasty girl and take your money somewhere else! Life is too short and you do NOT have to put up w/ her nasty comments and awful behavior!!!

    All the best to you and your baby! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  15. lesson learned, if an SA is mean to you the first time...dont go back to her ever again. she better learn to be nice if she wants to make money

    you continuing to see her will only enable her to make such rude comments, because you havent done anything about it.

    At my local nail salon, there was this lady that would constantly complain. when she was waxing my eyebrows, i told her that i want more arches. you know what she did? sucked her teeth and said it doesnt make sense.

    it doesnt make sence? b**** im paying you for your better give me what i want! lol

    even when she would do my mani and pedi. I told her I wanted a certain color and she would tell me "it doesnt look good on you" umm...ok

    so every time I go in there i let them know that I dont want her giving me any services, because she is very rude and unprofessional!!

    you dont have to say anything to that lady, just be sure she doesnt help you. and report her to management if you can