need to vent

  1. recently i put a lot of my bags on eBay to sell...i've been selling on eBay for 5 years, have over 90 positive feedbacks and 100% positive rating....
    so, i put on a few bags to sell so i could go shopping and purchase some more! i always think i do a great job in describing my bags, but, a woman who won a bag thought it had more marks on it than i said...she and i have been having excellent communication and she asked me if i'd refund her money...absolutely i will and we will both leave positive feedback for each other; she didn't feel "duped" at all...
    at the same time that auction ended another one ended with a very high end bag which the woman (not the same woman) got for a great deal! the auction ended over two weeks ago and she keeps telling me that "the check is in the mail" and i should be receiving it...this is the second time this has happened to me...i also sold a third bag and the buyer said payment was on the way and it never got here and then she said she wanted to just forget the whole auction, she's sorry, blah blah blah....i guess i'm just really frustrated...i work for a living...eBay is a hobby for me and i'm just looking to get new bags with what i receive...i am concerned about leaving negative feedback because i don't want to get negative feedback back in retribution...any thoughts?
    : )
  2. PayPal or BidPay only. If you have a BIN make it immediate payment required.

    I would file a non-paying bidder on her. Get the process rolling.
  3. For auctions 2 and 3, definitely file NPB claims. Unfortunately in my opinion I see a lot more non paying bidders around the holidays. Sometimes I think people "virtually" overspend and then don't pay for auctions when they don't have the money.

    Personally, I never accept checks. I only accept money orders and paypal. I don't like money orders because they take so long, but some people still prefer to do business that way, so I take them.
  4. I totally agree!
    Actually I don't accept money orders anymore either because people always "forget" to send them, and you're sitting around waiting and waiting for the money. If it ever shows up, then they get mad when it takes you an extra day or two to ship their item. :rolleyes:
  5. I had one buyer once ignore my emails, then I finally gave her a negative, 5 weeks later she sends me a M.O., I sent it right back to her, then she has the nerve to leave me a neg feedback.
    What a joke some people are!
    So sorry for your trouble!