Need to vent!

  1. Argh...! Anyone else is in college and pulling an all-nighter? This is horrible! I need to ace a linear algebra exam tomorrow!!!! There are 3 chapters and I understand 2 chapters but need to seriously work on 1 chapter!!!!

    Ok, enough venting and back to algebra. I'm praying so hard for tomorrow!
  2. I am taking 25 hours and am pulling many all nighters. I feel like crap. It's really taking on a toll on me and the semester isn't even half over! Good luck on your test!!!!
  3. ^^^ Yes me too! I've never taken this many credits before!
  4. Take a break every hour, drink lots of water and eat a healthy snack (apples, cheeses, etc). Good luck, it'll be over soon!
  5. Hmmm I'm only taking two classes right now...... but argh I totally understand how frustrating math is! Math is evil..... Good luck and take a deep breath!
  6. Haha...thanks to your suggestion, I went on an impulse buy at the market and bought orange juice, mango juicy, fruits, cookies. I'm almost done chomping through 4 cookies!!!
  7. I have a big Nutrition test tomorrow and am studying like mad for the first time. Yeesh! We are in the SAAAAAAAME boat!
  8. ^^ praying for you too!!!

    I'm so happy, I feel like tPF is my family!

    Almost done w/ the cookies lol...