Need to vent..

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  1. Hi guys!

    This is a long story with many bumps on the road but all in all I'm so sad about my e-ring.

    Yesterday we got the certificate and the center diamond (solitaire with pave band) doesn't not correspond with the one we thought we bought (I have proof). There is not a huge difference in the 4 C's but it has flourescence (faint).
    We were not informed that any of the diamonds we were contemplating had this trait, this is not something we want. We are so disappointed and I'm really upset with myself, why didn't I ask more? We trusted that the jeweller would get us a quality piece:sad:.

    I know some people don't mind flourescence but this is not what we wanted at this time.
    I'm crestfallen and there is no joy in wearing my ring, I just get reminded of all of this(and some other stuff that I will not cover here).

    Thank you for reading.
  2. To be honest, the least of your problems is the fluorescence. The biggest issue is the diamond you received isn’t the one you thought you were purchasing, regardless of there not being a “huge difference in the 4 C’s”. Firs, because even those few differences change the value/cost (and performance) of the diamond and second, because there is way more to how a diamond performs than the 4 C’s (cut specs, types and locations of inclusions, etc). Your jeweler should have immediately offered to rectify this for you by replacing your diamond with the one you thought you were purchasing or finding another diamond you find acceptable. I think you should demand a refund and find another jeweler. I wouldn’t work with a jeweler who made that mistake, whether intentionally or purely by accident...especially one who didn’t offer to rectify it for you. GL
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    Thank you!
    Yes, I do find this unacceptable even though, assuming that it's the stone on the certificate that's mounted on my ring, has better colour than the one I bought.
    Like you say there is much more to a diamond than the 4 C's, both stones were said to be GIA cert. xxx, but still. Maybe this stone belongs to another customer?
    This is not the only thing that has been handled poorly so I just don't feel happy with my ring anymore (sorry if I sound spoiled).
  4. Did you get the certificate from the location you purchased it from or was it an independent assessor? Have you asked them what they are going to do about the differences? Did you purchase it from a B&M or online?
  5. As you have proof, would this not be a straightforward case of not as described? You wanted to buy X and thought that you were buying X, yet you were sold Y.

    If your jeweller refuses to rectify the situation, return the ring and go elsewhere. You need to be 100% happy with something that you'l be wearing for a long time.
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  6. Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! I’m a bit confused by the situation. Is there a possibility you have received the wrong certificate? If it is a GIA certified stone, the certificate (serial) number should be engraved on the diamond itself. It is something they have been doing for at least a few years. Can the jeweler look to see if the stone and certificate numbers match?
  7. Not sure why you’re so sad. There is some sort of mistake that requires you to speak up and assert yourself to get the situation rectified. Return it or ask to exchange for the stone you agreed to buy. Have you discussed this with the jeweler?
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