Need to vent- SOOO mad at NM re: Celine Bittersweet!!!

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  1. OK- I know there are a few similar threads, but I'm SO mad I have to start my own!!! Here we go:
    3 weeks ago the elusive gunmetal Celine Bittersweet became available again at Neiman Marcus website...ordered it & the Havana Brown arrived. OK...everyone makes mistakes, right? Annoying that they didn't contact me to ASK if I wanted to switch to brown if the gunmetal was out of stock, but not needing another brown bag I returned it (still not credited to my account, BTW). A week ago the gunmetal became available again online so I called, thinking if I talked to an actual person things would work out...explained the situation and he PROMISED me the gunmetal was there and they wouldn't send me the wrong bag again even if for some crazy reason it became unavailable. So excited to receive my bag this AM at my it & guess what I'm staring at??? The Havana Brown again!!! I mean really- just CALL or EMAIL me that the gunmetal can't be sent- but DO NOT just send me a random item that I don't want and have to again deal with returning! Now I've wasted even more time dealing with customer service (they were actually very snotty when I asked proper procedure to mark the package for return). They did offer me $100 off a different item, but whatever...I wanted my $995 gunmetal for $495! :crybaby:I can deal with it being "not meant to be", but guess my point after all this is Why send me something I didn't order...again?? I am done with Neiman Marcus online!
    Anyway- thanks so much for letting me vent!!!:love:
  2. Sounds like it was marked as the wrong color at their fulfillment center and they didn't bother correcting it when you returned it the first time. That is so obnoxious. Same thing recently happened to me with a bluefly wallet (down to me calling them to make sure it was the right color, the CSA calling the fulfillment center and asking, fulfillment center says it's the right color, it gets here and it's the same wrong color).

    What a waste of time and $$. Like you, I still have not been refunded for the first one that I returned, and the tracking says they got it on May 1!
  3. You have my sympathy. I ordered some outfits from NM online but they are in poor quality so I had to return them.

    Since you are in Los Angeles, why don't you go to NM stores either Beverly Hills, Newport Beach or South Coast Plaza to return them in person? I don't know if they accept online returns in store. If they do, I would return them in person instead of mailing them back.
  4. I would raise hell about it! NM customer service does have this snotty attitude that is their hallmark; if they are in the wrong then they are even snottier instead of being apologetic. Yes, if there is an NM near you, you can return the items there. They take online returns at the customer service desk and I have found it to be a much faster and more hassle-free way to get refunded for something as it takes them forever to credit you back on items you mail back to them.
  5. I really appreciate the support- it made me feel better just to be heard by you guys! Smart idea about returning it in person, but already scheduled a Fed Ex p/u with Neimans. Ah well, guess I'm over it but really wanted that bag...maybe I'll just get a grey Gerard Darel instead? Anyway- thanks again!!!:flowers:
  6. So frustrating! Online shopping should not be this hard :Push:
  7. For such an expensive store, NM's online operation (which they say is separate from the stores) is getting unbearable. I think the people handling orders and returns are illiterate. I ordered a sweater; they sent it to an old address in spite of the fact I've made about 20 phone calls to get them to update the records (but the bill always comes to the correct address....hmmm). It didn't fit and online it showed they were out of the next size, so I return it. Guess what I found out today? They have shipped the same item I returned plus the sweater they said was out of stock. I called and they said they can't do anything about it. No one read the return form where I clearly marked the correct address and "credit my account".

    I'm done with NM online, too. It's the worst service I've ever experienced.

    I got so carried away with my own venting, I forgot to say I'm sorry you're going thru the agony of trying to get the bag you want. It shouldn't be so hard!
  8. You can definitely return Neiman's on-line items to the Beverly Hills store - I've done it! Mainly to expedite the refund, which can loooooong time when you send it back.
  9. I completely agree, my experience with them has been horrendous!! Never again. Sorry about your frustrating situation as well.