Need to vent! Some guy BROKE my sunglasses!!


IG: Alexa.Bui
Mar 14, 2006
I have spent weeks and weeks scouring the malls, catalogues and online for a pair of white oversized shades that would fit my face (if you're Asian, you'll know what I'm talking about!!)

I FINALLY found them, and my bf was sweet enough to buy them for me. HOWEVER! Last week some guy was playing with my glasses while we were in class and he broke them and left without saying he did! Can anyone imagine my frustration?? :mad: I am so going to have a go at him this week!

I'm trying to find a pair to replace them, but it's so so hard!!


NOT the best photo of me, but since I didn't have them for that long I don't have that many pics of me wearing it... :sad:
omg toiletduck that's horrible........i would kill him :Push: especially since he didn't even have the courtesy to tell you that he broke them.......
MEN! If you know who he is, I would tell him how hard it was for you to get the sunnies and ask if he'll pay for them, at least part of it if not all. I hope it all works out for you! That's my fear - I'm going to drop about $200 soon on a pair of Oliver Peoples and I bet the day I get them something happens :sad: Just my luck!
aww, you girls are so sweet!

The left ear piece of the glasses are hanging on by a thread, so no, it can't be fixed. :sad2:

As for the brand of the glasses, they don't really have one! That's how desperate I was for a pair of white oversized shades! I normally like to spend my $$ on brand stuff but this no name pair just so happened to fit me. They weren't expensive at all (US$30.00) but I was just so upset that he broke them and didn't apologize.

You guys are right! I should def. ask him for some sort of compensation.

Ladies, take care of your glasses! I'm never letting anything with a 'Y' chromosome near my stuff again!
They really look(ed) nice on you too. I hope a replacement can be found. Sometimes brand names aren't the only good products out there and this is proof. I wish you the best and you deserve an apology for sure!