Need To Vent !!! Botkier

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  1. Be Very Careful If You Buy From Botkier's Site Using Any Discount!! If You Use A Discount When Purchasing You Cannot Return It Should You Not Like The Bag.

    I Bought A Sophie (pony ) Large Tote And Used A Discount...well The Bag Is Beautiful ( I Mean It ) But Just Too Big For My Frame..i'm 5'3..they Simply Would Not Let Me Return It...any Suggestions What I Can Do?? I Have Not Used The Bag At All!! It's In It's Original Package.

    Thanks For Your Help...
  2. I would have to suggest that you sell it on ebay.... if they are being so mean about returning it .

    that really sucks :sad: but hopefully you will get most of your money back by an ebayer who also loves the bag.
  3. I would call your credit card company to see if you have any protection-

    If it is Am Ex and you mail the bag back- you can charge it back I think as you did return the merchandise (whether they wanted you to or not).

    This will at least open a forced dialog with Botkier and I would think even if they play hardball the worst you'd come away with is a store credit.
  4. Ask to speak to the General Manager for Botkier in N.Y., let them know what a great devotee of Botkier you and all your purse loving friends are, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, then tell them you are returning it receipt requested, signature requested and insured for a refund, if they still say no, then say you are sending it anyway and then call your CC company.
  5. sorry, this isn't the place to discuss the return policies of online retailers - it's ONLY for sales and discount codes. i'm gonna go ahead and move it to the general handbag forum. :smile:
  6. well botkier is generally a pain in the arse in terms of returning - I bought a bag from them and inquired about the return policy - they would ask all these questions and be really rude about it .... and when you order via the phone, you can't get any discount!
  7. Thats awful- i love botkier bags but they should be more attentive to their customers - plus a discount is not a final sale bag!
  8. What about the possibility of an exchange? Or is that not even an option. They sound so rude. That's so sad, I am a Botkier devotee, but I've never had to deal with them directly. Kinda makes me a little agitated that they are so rude.
  9. yep - never buying from them directly again
    at least for me. They are only nice when you place an order with them.... then again still not so nice especially when u are talking about coupon codes and discounts

    I was calling just "asking" about the return procedures - i wasn't even really thinking of returning - but I like to be informed u know....
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I've never used their discount codes but I have purchased a bag as a final sale on a discontinued style.

    Like you I didn't like it in person so I ended up selling it on Ebay.

    If you don't mind me asking, was this the 20% off or the free ship code?
  11. I am glad you vented about this. In this day and age, one's reputaiton can be made or broken on the Internet. Botkier should realize that people, like me, are going to make decisions based on customer service as well as the quality of the product.

    I think someone should email a link to this thread to Monica? Botkier, the press people, customer service, etc.
  12. IT was 20% OFF. ( but they said any discounts ) I am not sure if it includes free shipping as well.
  13. Are you interested in selling it? I am looking for one and Botkier is sold out!
  14. You can't buy and sell in this section. You have to apply to join the marketplaza for that.
  15. Thanks, apologies