NEED to VENt bid cancellations 3rd time!!

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  1. :cursing: Not Happy!!! For the third time in 3 days a "hacker" has taken over three different accounts and purchased bags. All of course being canceled! 2x it was on the same bag I had just relisted! I can understand this happening every once in a while but 3x 3 days in a row? Makes me wonder??

    Is anybody else having this happen to them?
  2. Yup, it just happened to me this morning. I'm hesitant to re-list due to your and others' experiences. At this point, I'm seriously considering donating everything and getting the tax write-off. The aggravation of trying to sell on eBay (between VeRO, hacked accounts and various other craziness) almost isn't worth it anymore.
  3. Yes This Happened To Me Three Times This Week And I Am Sooooooo Mad. I Contacted eBay And Am Waiting For A Response. They Have To Credit My Fvf And My Listings Fees Which Total $169.00 Which I Refuse To Pay. I Feel Like It Is Being Done On Purpose. Trust And Safety Said They Areing Trying To Prevent This From Happening. Uggggg Makes Me So Made.