Need to vent and only coachies will understand.....

  1. So I go to store and order a madison criss cross lindsey and it came today and i am beyond disappointed. The leather is very stiff and when you try to like loosen it up, it kinda make crack lines. And when I looked at the bottom, it was a small piece of leather peeling. I got this for a PCE price was a 598 bag and i paid close to 475 . Ughhh how frustrating..,,,, now I have to drivea n hour away to return it. Do you guys see this alot with Coach lately ? Sorry to be a downer but cant get over this
  2. I have the criss cross sophia and it is stiffer than a gathered one, it was a lot harder in the beginning but after 2-3 uses it became softer and softer. Mine is not peeling anywhere, but I kinda like the stiffness because it stands on a table way better than the gathered and I just love the color to death.

    If you feel something is not right with yours give them a call, see if they can mail you a return label so you don't have to drive there or at least have another bag waiting for you in the store so you only have to go once
  3. that happened to me with the acorn criss cross lindsey. i was not too happy with it and for how much i paid even with pce. i returned it to the outlet and found my woven laila in slate... i did not regret returning were wrinkled and some dark spots... uneven... : (
  4. yes totally agree! Now i would love to know where u found laila in slate:biggrin:
  5. Can we see pics???
    I have never seen the Criss Cross Lindsey.


    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. I totally understand your disappointment with your Lindsey!! Is Quality Control sleeping on the job lately, or what?? I don't have that bag, but just yesterday I received a pair of the Alie Leather Sandals ordered from the online factory sale - so excited because they're so pretty in the picture, and then when I get them out of their tissue and box, I find wrinkles in the leather - almost like they pieced layers together?? It reminds me of the air bubbles you see when someone has a bad tint job on their car windows! Also found parts of it where it looks like it's peeling along the edges... seriously, it looks almost as bad as a fake, to me. :sad: I'm right there with you - disappointed, sigh. But I wish the best of luck to you, with your Lindsey!!
  7. I know what it is like to anticipate something and be completely disappointed. I ordered from the factory sale and the bags came in horrible condition and I had to drive an hour to return them. I also lost over $50 in duties/taxes/shipping and exchange rate. I learned never to buy something unseen again. Lesson learned the hard way.....

    I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you get another perfect bag in return :smile:
  8. My Lindsey came in perfect condition. I agree the leather is a little stiff. I also haven't used mine yet, it still has tags on it. LOL.

    I still have decided if she is too big for me or not.
  9. i got my woven laila in AC outlet and the regular leather laila in jackson...
  10. I bought the Criss Cross Lindsey in Blush n i had no problem at cracking or peeling n my leather is kinda soft but im not sure with the acorn could be both have diff. textures of leather..
  11. Sorry to hear you're disappointed. I hope they have another bag for you in perfect condition considering all you have to deal with to return yours.
  12. Thanks for all your comments. At this
    Time there isnt really anything else I have to have! I am on the hunt for that perfect black bag. And also this was the black cross cross
    Leather. I showed hubby who usually
    Is like whatever .... He agreed it
    Looked bad for 500 bucks
  13. My brand new Rory colorblock has a gash in the leather on the side about 3 inches long.

    The cognac Rory, also brand new, was so dusty that I had to take a wet washcloth and literally wash the leather off! What the hey????
  14. I would exchange her for a better one if there is nothing else you want right now. Maybe one in better shape you'll love? And if not.. then you can always return her when something you want does come out.
  15. Headed to coach today to return not seeIng anything else that I have to have . Would u guys return this one and re order another and take the chance on the leather being in better shape?